A sinker

do you grip the ball like a 4-seam fastball? and pronate-late while really snapping your fingers down?
what are some of the key things that i should be doing to throw a good sinker?
and…why does a sinker sink? to be honest…i really only understand why a slider and curve ball break the way they do…

The other name for a sinker is a 2-seam fastball. The only difference between a 2-seam fastball and a 4-seam fastball is how the ball is gripped. A 2-seam fastball is gripped with the seams while a 4-seam fastball is gripped across the seams.

Otherwise, a 2-seamer is thrown exactly the same as a 4-seamer.

When thrown, a 2-seamer will fall more quickly than will a 4-seam fastball due to the fact that (paradoxically) only 2 seams are interacting with the airstream rather than 4 seams.

Chris. A 2 seam fastball can be thrown with or across the seams. It’s 2 vs. 4.

I know. I’m just trying to simplify things.

Just to add a bit, a sinker is often found do to a guys natural armslot and release point. For me I get more horizontal movement than sink, but I know other guys that get tons of sink, but could never bring the ball back on the plate.

another thing to get more down movement is to turn the ball over.

i see…thanks
but what about the different kind of movements on the 2-seam fastballs?
why do some pitch cuts across and some sinks down? how are they thrown differently?

im not to familiar with 2 seamers but im guessing it would be from the different arm slots and angles that people throw at that make it move differently.

I think a lot of the break on a 2 seamer comes naturally…My son is 11 and a lefty. His 2-seam breaks in on a righty. It starts out looking like it will be on the outer half of the plate and then ends up going over the inside of the plate to a righty. It appears to break a good 12" - 18" horizontally when I am catching it in warm ups. It is strictly a natural break he has. His 4 seamer and change up go fairly straight. Needless to say he throws a lot of 2 seamers during his innings on the mound as most batters are right handed…lol.