A sidewinders Log

Been a very long time since my last post. Just going to give a little summary that has led up to my current situation.

I have two years of juco under my belt, but I am not really counting last as a full season, threw only a few innings due to a nagging injury. My freshman year went alright could have much better, had a strong first half but started to develop shoulder issues and stopped taking care of myself. Decided it was best to take a year off to refocus and figure things out and I also spent the whole summer rehabbing my shoulder.

Just recently signed a letter of intent to play next fall. I have two years of eligibilty remaining. I’m am keeping this log to keep me on track. I feel that it is needed because lately I’ve gone off the road of my main goal of preparing for summer and fall ball.

Current Stats:
Right handed
Height: 5’11
Weight: 178(very soft though)

2 Seam fastball 76-79(Last time I was gunned had the bum shoulder)
Circle Change 70-72
Slurve/Slider 67-70

Body comp wise I want to be a lean mean sidearm throwing machine :lol:

Velo wise by summer I want to be sitting in the low 80s and topping out at around 85 or 86…very realistic to me

Workout wise I am using the load to explode program by Jeff Cavaliere
and some other stuff I have picked up through juco ball

Tonight’s Workout:
Lower Body
Single Leg Dumbbell Squat Jump 3x8
Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swing 3x12
Physioball Plate Bridges 3x12
Box/BOSU Thrust Overs 3x60 sec
3-Way Lunge 2x21

Wanted to post my diet. I have spent the past couple weeks cleaning up my diet. I have done a pretty good job but still got some kinks to work out. Yesterday’s consisted of the following:

Breakfast-2 Tbs of peanut butter and a banana

Snack-1 scoop of bsn’s syntha 6 mixed in water

Lunch- Chicken breast cut up on two slices of whole wheat bread

Snack-1 scoop of syntha 6 mixed in water

Dinner-A couple heaping spoons of pasta with slices of chicken mixed in

Pre-workout I had one scoop Purple Wraath

Have been very sick thus no post the past few days…made an attempt at working out thursday…had to leave due to a massive coughing attack I had…Feeling better though…gunna hit it hard tomorrow

Do you think you got sick from all the crap your putting in your body?

Why not eliminate all that “crap” and have some decent food, and more of it? It seems to me that you’re shortchanging yourself as far as the nutrition goes—even those people who are trying to lose weight have more than just a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter and a banana for breakfast. I would suggest that you consult a registered dietitian about this. 8)