A sidearmer's hello from Chicago

Hello to everyone here at the forum.

This year I’m pitching in an 18+ City League in Chicago. I’m 29, and have spent the last three years away from “hardball”, but have held my own through spring and (barring a complete meltdown) I’m penciled in as a go-to reliever and 3rd starter for our 20-man team. 4 seam/slider/curve/cutter. Would love to add a change up to the mix.

I’ve played baseball since I can remember, but after this last hiatus (played competitive softball only), I am finding myself working more on my game than I ever have. Doing okay for now, but staying in the zone has been…interesting. I’ve been perusing the forum here for a couple weeks and thought I’d throw myself into the fire and sign up.

I pitch sidearm–think 90’s reliever Brad Clontz. Most of the pitching info out there is for the over-the-top guys. This is one of the few places I’ve found subjective info. Any sidewinders who come across this post, feel free to say hi! I’d be interested to pick your brain a bit…

I’ll keep it short for now, just wanted to say hi. Looking forward making myself a better pitcher with this new community-


Talk to Zita and BOSBlueJays31 for stuff about sidearm, they’ll be able to help you out.

Hey…big thanks. Already loving it here!

No problem glad I could point you in the right direction


From one honest-to-gosh sidearmer to another: Welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump! In my playing days, many many moons ago, I threw sidearm exclusively—not much on speed, but I had an extensive arsenal of breaking and offspeed pitches; I built it all around two pitches—a slider which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in an old W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what it was, and a very good knuckle-curve. And there was that crossfire—a beautiful and lethal move that works only with this devastating delivery and which gave the opposing batters no end of conniption fits! Listen, any questions you might have, I’ll be glad to answer to the best of my ability. Again, welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Roger and Zita, thanks a lot.

And Zita–I will definitely be in touch!


Sidearmer/submariner for Boston Blue Jays of MABL, Look forward to reading your post.

Another side armer!!

I throw a 3 finger change with good effects. For me it breaks down and in on righties with about a 8 mph speed difference. (not clocked just guesstimating