A screwball is safer than a fastball right?

Isn’t a screwball as safe or safer then a fastball because it’s just like pronating early right?

The screwball is one pitch I would never recommend to anyone—it’s a pitch that if you throw it too much and too often will literally screw up your arm, no pun intended. Consider the case of Carl Hubbell, who threw it almost exclusively—it got to the point that when he would stand with his arms at his sides the palm of his left hand faced out. I remember one time when I was talking with my pitching coach and he asked me if I threw that thing. Even though I knew how to throw it, I never did, and I told him so. He said, “Good for you. You don’t need it.” 8)

With that much extreme pronation to the opposite side of what is natural how can It be safe on the wrist and/or elbow.
Correct me If I’m wrong all you smarter guys

I’m going with a n-o here just because of the excessive and extreme pronation that, like Zita said, literally screws up your arm.

Your arm is always pronating, so in my opinion the fastball is still the safest pitch (you throw it normally then your arm pronates on its own), but something like a sinker or a change-up that doesn’t have excessive pronation is safe, too.

So basically because your arm is already pronating keeping its health, the extra pronation doesn’t benefit your arm, and with a screwball the pronation is such a burden on your arm it becomes just that – a burden on the arm that can (and usually does) eventually leads to arms wearing down and being “fatally” injured.

Im going to go with a no as well. Not many coaches can help you if you hurt yourself with a screwball because education on it is so rare. A fastball is something 99% of coaches are very familiar with at least in a basic sense.


Greg Maddux’s 2-seamer is a variant of the screwball.

Pedro also throws a screwball.

Hubbell’s arm problems could easily have resulted from something else. Mike Marshall threw a lot of screwballs and had no problems.

Also, many fast pitch softball players throw the screwball without problems.

[quote=“Chris O’Leary”]

Also, many fast pitch softball players throw the screwball without problems.[/quote]

It would seem to me that an underarm pitcher throwing a screwgie would have to suppinate, since to throw a curve they must pronate.


I don’t know for sure, but my impression is that they also pronate (or at least some do).

Well Fernando made a nice living with little or no injury…I tend to buy that no properly thrown pitch is worse than any other.