A Scientific Reason Why Pitchers Should Work Fast

This was something that I found very interesting the first time I was introduced to the concept.

Very interesting indeed. Great info Lantz.

Good to see this tied a little bit into Perry Husband’s work.

Professor’s Research Focuses on Baseball Hitting and Pitching Techniques
Baseball players can thank a Kent State University professor and a local retired schoolteacher for research that may help improve their hitting and pitching.

A few years ago, Dr. Robert Stadulis, professor of sports studies in the School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport, teamed up with John Garver, a retired school teacher from Youngstown, Ohio, to research different batting and pitching techniques.

“Our research focused on batting and some of the difficulties batters have that they aren’t aware of,” Stadulis said. “We also focused on the timing of pitches and how much time a pitcher should allow between pitches for optimal performance.”[/i]

For those who’d like to read the research behind this please see :


I first became aware of this back in the late 90s from an article in Collegiate Baseball News.


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