A Scientific Reason Why Pitchers Should Work Fast

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When my son is cruising he works very quickly. Minimal time between pitches. If he is struggling everything slows down. Dont know if that is subconscious or not.

Papelbon should pick up the pace. However his strategy may be to take so long the batter would forget the previous pitch was even thrown. :wink:

Also, the more similar your different pitches look for the first 0.2 secs, the more difficult it will be for the hitter to identify and react.

Good stuff to be reminded of.

Still, a pitch with a totally different release point can freeze a hitter. Every once in a while I would step directly at a right hand batter and throw a side-armed slider across my body. The hitters would often straighten up and let it go for a called strike.

Great stuff ThinkTank as always man.

Personally on the mound I don’t like to work fast, my pace is what people consider “slower” Im more worried about hitting my spots and executing my pitch than a hitters reaction time.

To me, in order to be successful in repeating my mechanics, I have to go a bit slower and make sure I can get to my balance point before going home and I feel the faster I go the more my ball rises in the zone and the worst my innings get.

I think you’re referring to the tempo of the delivery versus the game pace.

doesnt the tempo at which a pitcher works dictate the tempo of the game?

The distinction is between the pitcher’s mechanical tempo - his actual action toward home; and the pace at which the pitcher works an inning - which people call pace or game pace.

Curt Schilling had remarkable pace, whereas someone like Bob Gibson had fast tempo.