A Salute To Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan

Roger Clemens recently hinted coming back for his 25th season. And that made me think. THAT’S AMAZING!!! Pitching for 25 years while still maintaining a 90+ fastball is incredible! The same thing goes for Nolan Ryan. 26 YEARS OF 97+! WOW!

Even if you hate the Yankees or Nolan Ryan, you have to tip your hat to the greatness they’ve maintained.

[quote=“Bakersdozen”]Roger Clemens recently hinted coming back for his 25th season. And that made me think. THAT’S AMAZING!!! Pitching for 25 years while still maintaining a 90+ fastball is incredible! The same thing goes for Nolan Ryan. 26 YEARS OF 97+! WOW!

Even if you hate the Yankees or Nolan Ryan, you have to tip your hat to the greatness they’ve maintained.[/quote]

Ryan, yes, he put on a power pitching clinic every 5th day for 27 years, but Clemens is really becoming a shell of his former self, and is starting to fall apart with injuries. Besides, I absolutely hate how hes waiting half the season to join a contender, all hes doing is laying the groundwork for a new generation of stuck up, past their prime, former allstars to do the same. I think Schilling may do it, bet Bonds will, and if it becomes popular that is bad for baseball…

Where/when has he hinted that? That’d be incredible, but I’d rather him not do it – so many things can go wrong now and he could easily end up having a bad season.


Like I said- he hinted. But it’s still something.


Like I said- he hinted. But it’s still something.[/quote]

Oh he’ll come back, someone will be willing to pay him half a billion dollars to pitch 15 games, and he doesn’t want to go out like he did this year.

roger clemens will pitch forever, probably longer.


don’t really want to stir up the forum, but I’d have to say the rocket had a little assistance in his younger days known as the juice. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of him anymore. Go ahead, flame away!

Roger Clemens has never juiced at all and you have no way to prove it so don’t accuse someone of wrong doing if you don’t have proof. He is the hardest worker in the game and it shows on him.

Ps I went to red sox vs New York Game ROGER CLEMENS is not that big of a man I got about 30 feet away from him. Tv makes him look like he is huge but he really is pretty skinny for his size.

I’ve seen the Rocket pretty close up too, he ain’t that big. He has stuck around due to solid mechanics and being an all around great pitcher.

You guys are blind!

I’m not saying he juiced now, or even a couple years ago. He juiced back when he was with toronto. So did a TON of pitchers. Your going to see a ton of names pop up and I wouldn"t be surprised if the rocket is on that list. I don"t think you guys understand exactly how many people juiced.

Don’t let your obsession with Clemens fool you. He’s just as suspect as any other pitcher pitching in the big leagues.

Secondly, a guy doesn’t have to look “big” to have juiced in his career. Not every type of steroid is going to produce Barry Bonds results. Let me guess, he didn’t juice either? There are different types of roids, the only ones you hear about are the ones that will get you jacked. Some just can get a guy shredded.

And if you don’t think the rocket has gotten bigger look at him when he was a rookie with boston and then when he was in toronto a few years later.

Thirdly, just because the guy works hard doesn’t mean he doesn’t juice either. Tony LaRussa said big mac worked his ass off and he juiced the crap out of it.

When he was a rookie he was still young and developing, growth at that young of an age doesn’t mean that he juiced.

You’re like one of those paranoid guys that thinks if it’s not an American Flag that it’s a bomb aren’t you? Well not to that extent but, you seem to think that everyone who plays at a high level for a long time juiced. You are implying that because he played in the 90’s that he juiced. Wow you really are the ignorant one.

woah, easy there fella.

I never claimed anything about the nineties era, but I’m not going to have blinders on that just because he’s Roger Clemens he didn’t juice. So many thought Big Mac didn’t juice either… I’m just saying it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Most of you fans pretend that you actually know these players and you think you know who the good guys are. You know nothing about Roger Clemens or any other big time athlete! You just WANT to believe that all your favorites are clean! There will be tons and tons of news in the next few years that is going to open up plenty of eyes… Don’t be ignorant to the steroid era ladies…

We aren’t being ignorant. You are saying that we want to believe our favorites to be clean. Are you sure that you aren’t trying to believe that the guys you don’t like are on the roids?

That’s what I’m seeing. The Rocket was not on the Roids, we all know it. Stop trying to get attention.

hahaha, dude your funny. I like the rocket, actually he’s one of my favorite pitchers of all time. But I’m not going to sit here and say he wasn’t juicing. The last time I did that I was defending Mark Mcgwire and look what happened. What most baseball fans fail to realize is that there are just as many pitchers that were on the juice than there are hitters! I’m not going to discredit Roger and his accomplishments if he was on the juice simply because he was facing juiced up hitters.

What I’d like to know is what are you reasons for saying he wasn’t on the juice? All I’m saying is I wouldn’t be surprised, considering the large number of others that were.

Hate to say it, but he’s been referred to, him and Andy Pettite by Jason Grimsley who was caught with the juice. Grimsley stated that his trainer, the same as clemens and pettite received performance enhancing drugs, and that both clemens and pettite were users.

Granted it’s a report and statements from Grimsley, but I’d assume that Grimsley would know more about Clemens that you or I would. I also hate to say it, but these reports and statements made by ex players (Canseco) seem to always turn out true. Say what you want, but I wouldn’t sit on forums and say “ROGER CLEMENS DIDN’T USE STEROIDS, AND WE ALL KNOW IT”. Now that is being ignorant my friend.

How many people sat on here and bashed Canseco when his book came out? Turns out that everything is TRUE! Afterall, it is the steroid era. duh!

you guys know Nolan Ryan can throw upper 80s and maybe hit 90 still today at 60 years old.

Hammer, whether you like him or not, it is not fair to argue either way as we don’t have all the info. he may have been juiced, he may not have. I don’t think we are at liberty to judge.

alright there we go, I agree. We’ll have to wait for more news to come out. End of thread.