A-rod's cleats

sorry i didn’t put the pic on i am trying to coppy and paste but it won’t let me

they are the one when he was with texas, the 9th pic down[/img]

yea, did you just copy and paste it?

and, do you know where to get them?

here are some more




I’m not 100% sure on this pair, but I’m pretty sure they’re Nike Air Zoom Clippers from 1996, in a Pro-Model colorway.

^ do you have any idea where you can get them?

^ ehhh…I looked over the winter break for that model (different colorway) because I heard they [the '96 Clippers] were comfy, but I came across nothing.

It may be worth it to search around a bit more now though that baseball season is here…

yea no luck with me either, i looked everywhere and called every sporting goods store i know

stikeone, do you know if nike has the hurrache 2k5 interchangable or molded? I heard they sell them at dickk’s sporting goods.

^ not yet. Nike will be doing what they did with the 2K4 model (regarding interchangeable cleats).

You can expect to see them in late May/early June, or middle of August.

my friend has the 2k5s in and interchangeable version. the plastic support things on the sides of the heel are just synthetic leather for decoration though. the sole plate is different cause nike doesnt have a nice pattern for interchangeables yet.

Does anyone know what type of cleats Albert Pujols is wearing in the link posted. The ones when he is wearing the home white uniform.

They have an “A-Rod” cleat at Dick’s Sporting Goods

on eastbay it says he wore the nike shox? 30 buck sale ima get em lol my cleats ripped

Nike Air Zoom Diamond Fury 3/4
, but with a molded bottom. Probably custom made.