A reminder: earn Badges by participating on the forum


This forum has Badges to reward members for performing different activities and participating on the forum, such as “liking” or “sharing” posts, quoting users, filling out your profile, etc.

Check them out here:


The more badges you earn, the more privileges you get on the site.


It’s a cool idea, but how come you can loose badges i.e. I earned my badge as a “regular” and now I’m back down to a “member”?


Sorry about that! I was recently adjusting the settings to set up the Badges system. Basically, it rewards participation for top contributors based on a number of attributes, and “unlocks” additional features not available to everyone.


I’m trying to earn the elusive ‘reader’ badge. I know I’ve read all posts in a few 100 post threads. What am I not doing correctly to acquire this badge?


I think it has to be done with a new thread from when the forum flipped to the new format.

Because I know I’ve read threads that have over 100 posts over the years


I think you’re right… it may need to be done for those posts created and read on this new platform. I’ll double check.