A question about a 2-seemer

For the last week I have been exprimenting with my two seem cause it is really hard for me to locate and get good umph at the same time with out using a lot of energy. Last week I tryed moving my fingers down on the seems and I found that I can place the ball almost any were I want. It has good steam I think to but im not sure.

What I am doing is holding it exept moving my figures on the seem away from my body till I get to the point were the seems meet(They are still apart like a regular 2-seemer). Is this going to have any unecisary effects that I would really want?

anythign on ths?

Sorry it took me a few reads to get it (Read what you write and you can likely, more understandably communicate…I’m not picking on you but just slow down and re-read before you post and I’m sure you’ll be much happier with what you post 8) ) .
You are discovering how to refine your fastball, That is really it. It is a good thing, working on it is imo the best way to get to the higher levels, it’ll give you command of the best pitch (Besides the cliche which is strike one…but a well controlled and placed late moving fastball).
The effect you’ll get will be movement on your fastball.

For me that was the grip I used for a sinker (Modified fastball), slight mods from that and you’ll find the cutter (Modified fastball). Being able to feel your fastball in a different way is really the goal you want. So keep working on it.

do like when i throw my forkball, i apply different finger pressure and get different movement my forkball goes around 75 mph so it really dives down.