A Prospect’s Promise to One’s Self


A Prospect’s Promise to One’s Self

  • I will prepare my day the night before.
  • I will not limit myself to poor decisions.
  • I will not be wrongfully influenced by others.
  • I will set priorities that are mature and that have worth.
  • I am not like everyone else, I am unique.
  • I do not want to be like someone else, I am me for a reason.
  • I know my limits more that I know my abilities.
  • I am a gentleman at all times.
  • I can not always right the wrongs of this world, but I can right my own wrongs.
  • I am man enough to admit mistakes, and human enough to repeat some in my lifetime.
  • I am proud to do the right thing without being asked.
  • What I don’t understand, I think about before acting.
  • I am not quick to judge others, as they may judge me.
  • All my successes started from my heart.
  • I will send Coach Baker 40% of my signing bonus.
    ( just seeing if you’re paying attention) :faint:

Coach B.


Awesome stuff, Coach. How about I send you 40% of my signing bonus? Heck, I’ll send you 100% :lol:


Heck, you can apply these maxims to just about anything in life to be successful. Really excellent, especially as we all prepare for 2011, on and off the field!