A nice problem to have

Lincecum says his typical order at In-N-Out Burger is three double-doubles, two orders of fries and a chocolate-strawberry milkshake. For those of you unfamiliar with the California fast-food chain, that is a cholesterol bomb that would stop Oprah, Jonah Hill and Adam Richman dead in their tracks. The calorie count for the Full Lincecum is 3,100, about 600 more than the normal daily amount for the average male. And, Lincecum said, "That’s just one meal.’’

He eats and eats and eats—and where does it all go?
The Yankees once had a third baseman named Andy Carey. He played for them in tne 1950s, and he was a very fine third baseman indeed. He also had a reputation as the biggest trencherman in the major leagues; he thought nothing of polishing off two full meals, including desserts, in a single sitting. One evening before a game he did just that—two full meals, including desserts in a single sitting, and then he started looking over at Yogi Berra who had just sat down to a nice steak dinner.
After a couple of minutes Carey walked over to Yogi and said wistfully, “Oh, Yogi—don’t tell me you’re going to eat that huge steak all alone?” Berra looked up at him and growled, "Of course not! I’m having potatoes with it!"
Carey ate and ate and ate, and where did it all go? My guess is he had a very high metabolism. It could be the same is true of Tim Lincecum. :slight_smile:

Oh how I can relate to this. You should have seen how jubilant I was yesterday when I stepped on the scale and it popped up at 183! Somehow, I have put on 5 pounds since basketball season ended. Three weeks! That’s more than I gained in the past 6 months!

Yeah, I had an issue like that. By the beginning of february I was hitting 182 on a consistent basis but never over. Today for the first time I was at 183.6, that is a considerable amount more than the beginning of spring break, where I was afraid because I was only hitting 178-179 each time I was on a scale.

Was just in San Fran last month and ordered up a Double, Fries and Shake at In-N Out! Maybe I’ll start throwing 93+ during high school BP today :slight_smile:

In n Out ftw gotta love the west coast. Still never had any of those east coast specialties like White Castle !