A new radar gun called Pocket Radar

Ive Been using it For around a month now and I"m Impressed with what you can do with it. Its about the size of a cell phone or a digital camera. It has come in pretty handy when we do bullpens and in games. Because of its size no one knows what you are doing. I"m starting to realize most every dad thinks their son throws 10 mph. harder than they really do.

for $200 i bet its nice

Actually its not a bad price for what it does. A juggs or stalker will probley go for $500-1000 or more. It does quite a bit. I"ve used it to get the ball speed coming off a bat. Plus I"ve used it to check runners going to 1st it gives a reading every .75 seconds so you can tell if they let up right before they get to 1st. If you are interested pm me I"ll give you a promo code so you can save some $ . I have a bushnell speedster the range on the pocket radar is much better