A log

I’m gonna keep a log now.

Just keep track of stats and velocity. Also on my weight and anything I feel is worth adding.

This travel season has recently finished andddd

max velocity:82

average velocity:77-79

7 starts
47 2/3 innings pitched
43 hits
5 walks
31 strikeouts
3-2-1 record.
3.02 ERA per nine 2.35 per seven
1.01 whip

We played 7 inning games, and my first 6 of the 7 starts were 7 inning complete games, but in the last game I got tired a little sooner than normal. Luckily it was my last of the year and I can rest the noodle for a while.

I’m going to be a senior next year but I’ll be a young senior and will graduate at 17. I’ve heard from a few D3’s and hope to possibly find a D2 or a smaller D1 next year.

But while the arm rests I’ll continue to workout and focus on getting bigger and stronger for next year.

I’m currently 6’1 150, and that simply won’t do. :wink: