A Little Venting

Went to one of my sites that I enjoy going to, to read up on the mindless banter about the Jays and usually the guys who run the site have some pretty interesting articles.

One in particular caught my eye Pitching Mechanics 101

I was looking forward to reading this because they normally don’t do things like this. Much to my dismay it turned out to be an article written promoting… wait for it… wait for it… Chris O’Leary and his drivel! The guy has been inactive for years now and still sadly his rhetoric is getting out there.

So I though what the hell I’ll keep reading the article.

And just for kicks I’ll peruse through O’Leary’s site since it has been a while since I had a good laugh, and wouldn’t you know I came across his Hate Mail and Such
and surprise surprise I find a shout out to one of our very own posters from here laflippin!

I dunno where else to post this and I just needed to vent I guess since I’m upset that the site I found the link to is promoting O’Leary.

So thanks for reading!

Just to clarify slightly:

First, I didn’t write any mail to O’Leary personally, the doofus simply extracted some of my remarks about his self-proclaimed expertise from this forum and reproduced them under his own “hate-mail” blog, where he is free to call me an a—hole without fear of contradiction or banishment. If O’Leary had said anything different about me, I would definitely be uncomfortable…if I had to choose which of his lists I show up on, I’d much prefer the a----hole list, thank you very much.

Second, though, my remarks weren’t even hate-mail–they represent my informed opinion based on extensive experience of reading his so-called “expert remarks”, and comparing the gist (if he even has a gist) to the information I’ve learned over the years from people who really do have some type of realistic credentials, whose ideas meet the test of time and/or pass the sniff-test by their peers.

Oh well.

I was going to deliver a few well-chosen comments, but I decided against it. I will simply point out the meaning of the word “doofus”: it’s a loan-translation, if you will, from the German word “doof” which means “dumb” in the sense of “brainless”—not knowing one’s elbow from third base. 8)

Wow, O’Leary again. Will this guy ever disappear. You’d think by now everyone would have caught on to his rhetoric