A little update

Well it’s been a while since I’ve pitched 100% off a mound, yikes maby 3 weeks? Well I’m back to pitching and I was throwing with my brother and my cutter didn’t change much but I think I was turning my wrist over a bit because it seemed really good and I was finish with the hand of a slider rather than the hand of a fastball. I’ll find out tonight if I was doing it wrong because it will kill my arm.

Ok now to my 2-seam. First few were so-so but then I threw one andcan still see the look on my brother face. His eyes lit up. He’s like wow I 0almost missed that. Wow that broke really good. 1 after the other and he was really impressed. But, ha ha there’s got to be a but, I was using a Major League ball that I caught in batting practice in the Pittsburgh game I went to. Sure enough they whacked the snot out of it and it was a bit lopsided and the seams looked a little messed up from where he hit it. Ugh well I ran into my house and grabbed a brand new Wilson ball. Now the moment of truth. Here it comes…whack…the same thing perfect 2-seam nice movement. sigh of relief That’s good so now I got a pretty good 2-seam compared to what it was before. Before it was pretty hard for a 2-seam compared to my 4-seam but now I got some nice movement on it.

Next pitch, I really want something off-speed and I have a lot of trouble with the circle change and the palm ball. Ugh this is a problem. Well messing around one day in practice I threw a fork ball and I do have pretty small hands but it seemed kinda cool but kind of a stupid pitch to me. Well lets give it a shot. I threw it in practice and got a couple good swings and misses with it and some people looking. They called it the eephus fork ball. I usually have control issues with this pitching because I have small hands. Well I’ll give it a shot. *I’d put a whack here but it barely made a noise :lol: :? . Right down the middle. Hmm but I think I slowed down my arm action. Ok let’s speed it up. Next pitch right down the middle. I threw maby 2 out of 12-14 wild. Not too bad either. I really didn’t want to become one of those pitchers with a million pitches that no one throws. I would learn the curve but I have some trouble with it and it breaks pretty much side to side no downward. If I worked on it maby I could and use that instead of a fork ball, but for now it’s the fork ball. Also the curve messes with my cutter which is far better of a pitch than my curve could be.

So I’ve always had a good 2-seam. Now it seems really good. If I can jam them inside (RHB) which I find I can do very easily throw it on the inside corner, I’ll be in good shape. Fun day and that fork ball, man is it slow. I sped up the arm action and looks like my fastball but it comes off a little weird and easy to see it coming because it’s spin, or lack of it. Maby I’ll try the splitter as an off-speed because it will spin like a 2-seam but my fork ball is logged in so much that it comes off with barely any spin, or speed. I’m not worried because the hitters at my level don’t see the ball until it’s a foot in front of them anyways.

Just wanted to add this update if anyone has any suggestions your welcome. I’ll video sometime, maby tomorrow or the next day.

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