A little over the top?

Never understood freaking out like this, covering home plate, stealing a base…yelling, cursing and angrily pointing probably could have got the point across just as well :lol:

Yea, I don’t understand it, but it’s funny as hell. Do you give 1st base back or do you keep it?

On another subject, did you see the umpire throw out Ozzy Guillen yesterday 8/29/10 even before he started arguing he got tossed, he was about 100 feet away…really funny.

Our club was on the road and one pitcher that we faced would always pitch low and inside to one of our guys like clock work. The only problem being, was that our man had a very high percentage of being “ding’d” just under the belt - then took first. He took first base very slowly, but nevertheless, he was on first.

Well, one night he got hit twice - yep, you know, right in the boys.

The third time he came to bat, he brought a cup with him, placed it on the other side of home plate - as far way from him as he could, looked down at the catcher and said – " Hey chuck - how about this time, sunshine out there hits that instead!"

Needless to say the pitcher found no humor in that remark - then proceeded to deck the guy anyway. Again!

As was the way of things at the time, that pitcher got tossed, both benches were warned - enough was enough.

Next inning we’re on the field, and before the first batter takes his place, the plate umpire warns our man on the bump - "you’ve been warned!"
After three straight strikes, the last strike found the batter looking and stood gazing out into space at the beauty he just pasted up.

You know how after a strike out like that, a catcher will fire the ball to third sometimes. Well, as the batter (right-handed) is still in the box, our backstop gets up, tries to fire a ball to the third baseman, but instead, drills the batter right off the ole noggen! Down he goes!

After things settled down, that was the very first time that I ever saw an umpire give both catchers, on either bench, a warning.

Is this a great game or what! :crazy:

Coach B.

I love a catcher with some “mean” in him, seems like the pitchers are always the ones protecting the team or of course making a statement. Way to go catch!!!

This would have made a good “THree Stooges” episode. As I read it I could just imagine them in the middle of the action, and one of them—probably Larry—getting drilled like that. I had to laugh!

Catcher should have stayed down in the crouch to throw down to 3B. That way he could hit the batter in the boys. :lol:

Roger, I haven’t seen that one yet, a little cup check for the batter.

Catcher’s firing the ball past (or in this case into) the batter is what caused the Marichal/ Roseburo fight back in the 1960s. Marichal had hit a few batters that game. Instead of the pitcher Koufax throwing at Marich,a when he had turn at the plate, the catcher Roseburo fired the baseball about half a foot from Marichal’s face. Marichal didn’t like that and well I’m sure you know the rest

I looked it up and that is the best. I looked it up and found this espn page with the top 10 all time brawls.