A little more advanced pitching

Hey I’m currently a junior on my second year of varsity on a team from minneapolis. The team is alright, but nothing special. I’m not exactly sure how hard I throw my fastball but last year in a preseason practice in a gym when my coach had a radar gun I hit at least 72, so im guessing im at least upper 70s now. i have a pretty good curveball and a circle changeup. I’m also thinking about working on a slider. Generally, I hit my spots pretty well so now I’m just wondering if other than throwing there are off the field workouts i could do to strengthen my wrist, forearm, and shoulder. I basically just need to increase my velocity and am wondering what the best way to do this is.

Here is a link to a thread on this forum that is packed full of arm conditioning info.


And of course you can always post a video and see what kind of info and pointers you get back.

I meant to link this thread but the first link seems pretty good to me also.


My pitching coach of many moons ago believed in throwing every day—he said it was just about the best way to keep the arm loose and flexible and prevent injuries. I used to do this; I alternated between playing catch for about twenty minutes one day and doing a bullpen session the next, and during the latter I would either work on a new pitch, refine an existing one, or work on some aspect of my mechanics. And if I had to relieve between starts, pitch an inning or two late in the game, that counted as “throwing every day”. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with this schedule.
As for working on a slider, I don’t see why not. When thrown correctly, it’s easier on the arm and shoulder than just about any other pitch, and a lot of pitchers who have been having trouble with the curve ball often find the slider more comfortable to work with. I learned the slider when I was sixteen, and it became my strikeout pitch. 8)