A Little Help

I pitched last night and I didn’t do so great. The reason is because my arm wasn’t catching up with my body and I was just wondering if it was because I didn’t have a balance point because I think that was it because I wasn’t really on top of the baseball and I didn’t feel balanced.

It could be balance point… or it could have just been one of those days.

A lot of times, when the arm drags behind, it has more to do with the timing (and location) of the hand separation rather than the balance point. The next time you throw a bullpen, work on speeding up your hand separation (as soon as the balance leg starts downward). It’ll allow you to get into the high-cock throwing position quicker. And it’ll allow you to keep your fingers on top of – and behind – the baseball.

Let us know how it goes.

To go along with what steve said, trying staying back a little more too to allow your arm to catch up. It might have been one of those days where your arm was moving just a tad slower than the rest of your body. But try seperating your hands quicker like Steve said, and stay back a tad longer to get your legs into it and get your arm moving.

I threw a bullpen today and separating my hands and staying back let my arm catch up. I also found out why I was so wild. It was because I was opening up my hips to quickly, so I waited till the last second to open my hips and I threw strikes. Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it.