A little help here, please comment on the mechanics

What improvements can we make to make the best results


i like your pitching mechanics overall very much

keep it up

looking forward to see you pitching on the mound ^^

as you are still young, long stride distance may not be easy for you, as you grow up, hopefully you can do it with longer stride

Thank you we will work on the stride

Ok, bruno6u, I will break it down and you take from it what you like:

  1. I really like his short drop step, so many kids take a monster step here and mess up their balance right away.

  2. at about :03 seconds you can see that he kindof bends down in the knee a bit, I feel he looks like a tall and fall pitcher and in this style he should at the most “flex” the knee but without loosing height. This should create a nice “balance point” for him to use his hips and legs to move toward home

  3. at the post, I would like to see him keep his hands up, they drop a little, and over his post leg, I feel it helps stay back longer

  4. Like to see a longer stride, could increase more with the use of the hersheiser drill which focuses his attention on hips and how to drive them forward, you should be able to find it on youtube.

  5. at :04 seconds you will notice that his body is about 45 degrees to the ground, his back should flatten (horizontal) to the ground at this point, longer stride length can help this as well as the drill but even easier is just getting him to get his right hand down ending just above the left knee (right now he is at his waist at this point)

  6. at the end of the pitch, at the deceleration point, the things above should start to pull his left over the top and in a circle to help decelerate the arm action, right now he isn’t throwing hard enough to matter but later on he will need this to adjust to throwing harder. My son put a video of him doing a drill that he calls the bucket drill on his “personal pitching log” if you want to check it out, it’s one of the most recent, just look for this name under that heading and look for it.

  7. I think in the stretch he is very similar, he kinda does a cross between a slide step and a full kick, wouldn’t be bad to define them and use them both in different situations, looks like he might also be a little wide for good pickoffs to 2nd base. Bring the feet in a bit at the set so he can use both and inside move and a spin move to 2nd base.

I know that is way too much but you asked for an evaluation, take your time with it, start at the beginning, he is young, keep posting video and I am sure you will get more comments along the way


Thank you a lot. I just can’t see all that stuff :shock: . We will work slow and get him on track.

I really appreciate you looking at it.