A little crazy

is it good to throw at hitters sometimes, not to hurt them but establish that its ur plate not theres

everyone has there own opinion but i wouldn’t advise it… some people may tell you to hit a batter if their team hit your batter but i don’t advise it unless directed to by a coach… i mean… di anyone watch the white sox play the other day…Ozzie guillen was telling his pitcher to hit certain batters…

I don’t recommend you go out and hit batters. But most defenitely establish the inside corner of the plate. You can’t let them get comfortable. If they can lean over the plate and sit on the outside corner and drive your outside pitches for pulled base hits you need to re-establish that inside corner. Throw inside, but I don’t say hit them. That’s just another free base for them.

Well Ozzie Guillen is scum for one. I wouldnt hit the batter in any case. If you have excellent control and i mean excellent it is ok to throw a ball right under the batters chin to back him off the plate only if he is crowiding the plate. But again make sure you can put it under his chin and not in his head.

I don’t mind hitting a batter. I’ll throw inside, and by inside I mean 6 inches or so off the plate inside. Just to get them from leaning out over. If they however are crowding the plate, I’ll throw a low and inside pitch right at their shin. More effective than chin music because it makes them move their feet. I recommend brush back pitches be low rather than high.

  1. less chance of hurting a kid
  2. makes them move their feet which is more effective than just leaning back and keeping their feet planted and dug in.

this is a very true statement… Most batters who get a pitch inside real close to them will on the next pitch stand back further in the batter’s box and are hesitent to swing at the pitch because they will think you are wild and don’t wwant to get hit. I’ve only hit one batter in my life… and that was in little league(accidentally)but what im sayin is that if you wanna show him your in control give him somethin a little inside…

Well I maybe have a little different mind set than most of you. Im not proud of it but, I held my high schools team record for HBP. I probably went maybe 2 games without hitting someone. Only a couple on purpose. If I can establish the inside corner its pretty hard for most people to get around on it. I mean if someone hit a line drive off my head they probably wouldnt feel bad, so I am not gonna feel bad if a pitch hits them. By the way, if your gonna hit someone on purpose, you are gonna give them a free base so keep it low and hit em in the legs. It will definite keep them from stealing on you.

If you are having trouble hitting batters then you should try moving over on the mound. this helps me when im consistently to one side of the plate.

Throwing at a batter is all party of baseballs. It could be used by pitcher due to anger. Direction by coach or just trying to scare the batter or make a point.
It can be a good set up pitch though. If you have a looping curve throw a fastball at the batters head on an 0-2 or 1-2 count. then throw a curveball starting inside and then dips in the k-zone. alot of times you will freeze the batters. (but sometimes its obvious and the batter will know whats coming thats why when this is done you hae do do it in a way that scares the batter)

i only post this because i have been told this is good thing to be known for, brushing a batter back or hitting him, to maybe get the batter thinking, its worked so far just thought iwould get anothers opinion

Here’s a good example. Jake Weaver was a real effective pitcher with the Tigers. Why, he was known for going inside and even hitting batters many times throughout a game. He lost his effectiveness in New York when he didn’t dominate the inside the way he did in Detroit. Result: bad record, bad ERA, and wasn’t kept on the team.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing inside. It forces batters to back off the plate, which allows you to then work the outside edge of the plate (which is a good place to work).

In fact, the rules of baseball say that a ball that hits a batter while their body is in the strike zone is a strike.

However, I don’t think it’s right to intentionally throw at batters just for the purpose of hitting them (rather than backing them off the plate). It’s also illegal according to a new rule in the rules of baseball.

I wouldn’t intentionally throw at a batter unless I was positive their pitcher threw at one of my batters. You can throw inside to establish the inside corner without actually hitting the batter. And as said before, if you’re going to hit a batter, make sure the ball is down rather than up.

I don’t think that it’s right to try to seriously hurt someone, but I see nothing wrong with plunking a batter if you think batters are getting too comfortable in the box. To me, there’s nothing worse than a batter that has nothing to fear in the box. Give them something to think about…

There is also the chance that they’ll come back next inning and do the same to someone on your team, so hitting a batter can sometimes leave someone on your team out to dry. So I guess that I would make sure you get along with all your teammates before you throw at somebody :lol: .