A little about my season (Pitching)

First off, glad to be here =) secondly, about my season…

I’m a senior and I live in Illinois in a town of about 900 people. Okay, so not the biggest town in the world haha, but ever since I can remember I’ve been in love with the game, mainly the pitching. I’ve thrown two no hitters in my career and I almost added two more this season if it weren’t for one freaking hit both times in the last inning and even one that happened with 2 outs on a 1-2 count!!

I finished the year 6-3 which could have ended up 10-3 if it weren’t for several defensive errors but thats just baseball for yah. I ended the year leading the area in ERA at 1.015 in 60 innings pitched. I also had 78 strikeouts which was 2 or 3 in the area. I’m only 5’11 barely 130 pounds and for most of the season I topped out at about 76-78 mph on my fastball, but my last two starts of the season I changed some things in my mechanics and began to watch one player in particular (Roy Oswalt). Its amazing how much a longer stride does for you.

My dad, who is also our coach and who also could have played in the major leagues back in his day if it weren’t for his lack of heighth (5’9), said that I finished up the season throwing around 80-82 mph which was an awesome thing to hear for me.

I hate being so small and it seems like there is nothing I can do to get bigger, so when I see myself throwing harder it encouraged me to focus on pitching even more. In the summer, I plan on working out a ton to get stronger (mainly my legs) but I don’t know how much good that’ll do me because it seems like its almost impossible for me to gain any weight whatsoever… I just finished my senior season and right now as things currently stand I’m probably not going to play baseball in college (atleast right now). I’ve had offers from different schools but I’m pretty set on going to Parkland which is a Junior college. I don’t like the idea of going to people asking if you can play, I want them to want me… yeah yeah, I know… Its stubborn but thats the way I am, but it also doesn’t help when I’m the shyest (sp?) kid alive. I have a hard time talking to people I don’t know!

Thats just a little about me, but I’m one of the biggest sports geeks you’ll find :slight_smile: I also thought I might add that I’m a lefty :wink:

Yeah, I do lift. I used to only be able to bench 55 pounds my freshmen year until I hit the weights. Now my bench press is around 190 but I maxed out forever ago, if I started up again I could probably hit 200 in a few weeks.

I’m like you sizewise. i was around 145 before getting sick now barely 130 and im 5 foot 10.

First…Great Year…I’m sure your dad (And mom) is proud and you should be too…those are very excellent numbers!!! Congrats.

Second you are height wise ok…not great but ok…Are you playing summer ball?

Go to our workout and nutritian forum and look up Centerfielder and KC86, both of those guys are monsters at strength work and can help a bunch, CORE first, legs, back, shoulders…getting it all strong is where it’s at…do not concentrate…pitching is a whole body thing (I’m sure you know…geek :lol: ). Gaining some poundage is pretty important…with your new found stength you may want to supplement as much protien as you can…(A very simple thing if you stay on it)
Have you got any looks from colleges?
Let us know how it all works out.

undersized righties are my favorite pitchers. Especially if they succeed.

Ditto what JD said. Also, it’s time to break out of the shyness thing - time to start speaking up for yourself. I know you think that is difficult to do but noone else is going to do it for you. If you have dreams, don’t be afraid to pursue them.