A lifestyle sport, pitching is my golf

intersting new forum, for us old guys who can’t give it up.

I’m not old, I don’t think. I’m 29 and still pitching… better than I was as a teen…

Who else is playing amateur ball after the age of 24???

Can pitching be a lifestyle sport, like tennis and golf?

I’m 50 and still pitching in Denver’s MSBL 35+ league. I’ve had shoulder surgery, slid the pronator muscle off the inside of my pitching elbow, just had surgery 3 weeks ago, for a sports hernia, groin pulls etc. etc, and I still can’t give it up.

While I’ve lost velocity over the years, ( now throwing 77-81) I’ve gained movement and command. I’ve learned how my body recovers from pitching at altitude and how to take care of my arm and legs better.

So yes. You can keep pitching for a long time. It just takes a lot more effort to take care of yourself at 50 vs 20.

good for you tfree … I’d be devastated if I had an injury… I’d just hate to have to give it up …

I spend about one hour each night doing strength building excersized in my legs and core. I never woulda thought about doing that 10 years ago.

hey 50 years old and still pitching thats goood!! i know if i had surgery id be devastated too… my goal is to throw in the 90s when im about 21 or 22

Hey all I’m 37 and still catching, and pitching once in a blue moon.

I figure if Julio Franco is still playing at age 49, I’ve got plenty of time to make it to the Show!

FYI when I was a young man I caught Jim Bouton, who was still pitching knucklers in a very competitive semipro league at age 54-- and getting several future MLBers out consistently!. More proof that if you love the game, and physically able, you can play as long as you like !

I know that Bill Lee pitches in a league up in Vermont.

It’s interesting that Lee and Bouton are what you could label as “non-conformist types” or renegades, and both are still playing ball.

Franco is nuts… he has to be in some of the greatest shape of anybody in baseball… i dont know how many of you can relate with this but in my mind hes like Chris Chelios or Gary Roberts in the NHL. They are in incredible shape and as with Franco wont go until they can no longer keep up. This is probably some great motivation for the older guys and although im probably half or a third of some of your ages id like to encourage you all to keep playing. Great job!

Pitching the the NE Wisconsin MSBL 25+ wood bat league at 34 years old. Can’t wait to break some more bats. Back at it after 10 years.

I’m 25 and pitching in the SFBL. I feel I have less velocity but better control and breaking pitches than when i was a teen. I won’t stop until my body quits…