A guy can actually float up here

A fan was being seated in the bleachers by a stadium attendant when he noticed all the way up in the highest upper deck there was another guy sitting all alone in a corner seat next to the outside railing. And this guy seemed to be making notes on a pad of paper … but wasn’t watching the game.

After a few innings, the fan’s curiosity got the better of him and he ventured up to the highest upper deck section and then made his way over to the guy with the writing things down on a pad.

“high there buddy… what-a doing?” he asked.

The guy looked over the railing and down about 400 feet and said, “ I think the warm air currents caused by the water fountain and the pool below could actually support a man’s weight. See, my calculations seem to indicate it could be done.”

The fan look at the guy strangely and said “no way!”

The guy put down his pad and pencil, stepped over the railing and jumped.

“Holy smokes!!!” the fan yelled out… but to his amazement, the guy floated up and right back over the railing…. and came right back down to where he was sitting.

“ I gott-a try this one out!!! Said the fan……so, the fan stepped over the railing, and jumped ….by which he proceeded to scream his way … all the way… down 400 feet into the pool of water… only to be arrested by the stadium security police who pulled him out of the water.

The guy picked up his pad and pencil and started writing again… just like before.

Just then a stadium attendant came over and sat down next to the guy… turned to the guy and said….” You know superman… sometimes your just sick…sick, sick, sick!.

I’ve heard one similar to that.

Two men in a bar, one says “Bartender get me a magic beer” so he drinks it and flies around the building 3 times and back in the window, his buddy then says “Bartender get me a magic beer” so he drinks it jumps out the window and dies. Bartender looks at the first guy and says “Superman you are mean when you’re drunk”.

Joke? Bar? I got one. Offtopic other than the part of its a joke. Guy walks into a bar and says, “quick give me a drink before the fight bartender” Gives him a drink and the guy chugs it down. Hey quick give me another drink before the fight starts. The bartender looks at him weird but gives him the drink. Then the guy asks again give me a drink before the fight starts. The bartender finally says hey wheres this fight gonna be. The man replies, “right here when you find out I have no money.”

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