A Good Friend of Mine!

Imagine a 40 year old rookie right handed pitcher standing on the mound of McAfee Stadium, a right handed hitter comes up. The pitcher takes his slow,calm,old fashion delivery…BAM…a 97 mph fastball blows by the hitter. Strike One. Next pitch…a loopy curve in for a strike. Strike 2. Next Pitch…Strike 3. Hitter walks back to the dugout. Next hitter comes up…he’s left handed…pitcher once again takes him slow,calm, old fashioned delievery…Strike One on a 90 mph hour fastball. The hitter stands there and to says himself “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!”. same delivery…but wait…did he just throw left-handed??? The answer is yes he did. His name is Chuck Mellick and he will be the first person in history to throw 90 mph with both arms. As of right now he’s 38 and throws 92-93 right handed and 83-84 left handed. I’m very good friends with him and we talk about about everyday. I have complete faith in him and know he can do it…he will become the first person to throw 90-90 and he will be the oldest person since Satchel Paige to sign a pro contract. I believe in him and I hope you do to.

What do you guys think?

… Rilly cool.

When did he start learning to throw with his non-dominant arm?

he learned to switch hit and it also increased his right handed throwing so he leaned to throw lefty to build up his right hand. Started about a year ago