A fresh start: The Journey through college baseball

Hey updating this intro post with more accurate information im a 17 year old whose moving on to college im not going to be 18 until october so i guess you could say im a young freshman in college. Im a power thrower to say the least have always realied on it my off speed needs tuning but have come a long way. Im going to keep a detailed log of my day to day affairs and my life through college.

Height- 6’3
Weight - 205
Age- 18
Arsenal- 4seam 2seam Change Slider Curve max at 90 sit 84-87

I was a dominate pitcher in little league striking out 17 in a game twice but got dug into a whole getting cut from middle school team twice, made my freshman team and was the ace on jv team soph year between soph year and junior year is where i really improve my command and offspeed junior year i started and relieved a couple games but not much did alright era was like 3.75.

Senior year we flourished went 19-1 in regular season i went 7-0 0.95 era both best on team and got snubbed from first and second all conference despite having some of best stats in league. Legion i held my own making the all star team team was terrible got no fielding or run support but managed.

I will be logging my journey through college and beyond so stay tuned folks.

Long term/short term goals + Season stats

2010 Stats

Fall- 0-0 0 IP 0 K 0 BB 0 H 0 ER 0 R 0.00 ERA .000 BA

Spring-0-0 0 IP 0 K 0 BB 0 H 0 ER 0 R 0.00 ERA .000 BA

Short Term Goals

-Win a starting job in the fall

-Increase velocity to sit 88-91

  • Have an ERA under 5 for Fall

  • Have an ERA Under 4.50 for Spring

  • Have a 3:1 K:BB ratio for both spring and fall

  • Improve consitency of secondary pitches

Long Term Goals

  • Bring velocity to sit 92-94

  • Make All Conference

  • Make All American (any team)

  • Get Drafted

Lots of lots of goals the long term ones are going to be quite hard the All conference may not be but its not impossible the ace this year whose a 25 year old junior next year made all american third team. Most of the short term goals should be obtainable but i gotta work my tail off so i’ll keep this updated with as accurate stats as possible.

Alright we had our first 2 legion games today a doubleheader against one of the better legion programs in the state. I started the first game and we eded up losing but not by much. First of let me say our team is abnormally young consisting mostly of some random kids and JV kids from our high school with about 5 varisty kids from last year and no college kids we only have 2 people playing in college next year me being one of them.

The game went smooth for the first 5 innings where i had a 1 hitter going with just 1 walk but 1 run we had a 2-1 lead then it went downhill first of the first runner scored on a walk then passed ball then infield single. Now lets break down the 6th and my pitching performance, my fastball which usually sits at about 85-86 was down to about 80-81 which could be due to the fact i only threw once in the past week thats once not even a bullpen just one light throwing session in a week. My changeup was great today and thats all i really needed.

In the 5th i pitched my way into a jame i walked the first batter then 2 singles right past the 3rd baseman leaves me with bases loaded and no outs. Now if we had our starting 3rd baseman there this would be a whole different story we would have won. But nonetheless i K a kid then someone hits a liner up the middle to drive in a run, then the next two plays really annoyed me two tailormade double play balls to get me out of the inning and each one only ended with one out. So in the end they ended up scoring 3 in that inning.

My final line was 6 ip 4 hits 2 walks 7k’s and 3 earned runs not exactly what i wanted it to be but not bad considering i didnt have anywhere near my bext stuff. My next start will probally be this thursday so i’ll keep you posted on that.


We may be getting one of our key players from our high school team on this team which would help tremendously since he plays 1B and we didnt have a set 1B this would make our defense 10x better and actually able to contend now. We play against many Large schools which cna dip into multiple schools for there talent and towns we have one small school and thats it so to contend with these kids will be a feat in its own. I deffinately can match the pitchers in this league easily its just the rest of the team.

We lost again today 5-1 our pitcher got hit with a liner in the foot in the 2nd and came out during the 3rd we had a lead 1-0 in the 6th and blew it. Were still to young and make bad mistakes late in games, our catcher frustrated me today he was our 2nd string JV cathcer for high school yes JV And he is starting legion so you can just imagine. But anyways i struck out twice which isnt much of a surprise considering i havent batted consitently in two years meaning maybe 50 ab’s over two years. But i drove in the lone run with an opposite field one hopper to the fence for a 2B should of gotten 2 but the kid on 2nd was an idiot and was tagging when it was cleary over his head. So my stats are as follows


1/5 .200 avg 0 HR 1 RBI 0 SB 0 1B 1 2B 4 K’s 0 BB’s


6 IP 7 K’s 3.50 ERA 2 Walks 4 Hits

Next start is Thursday under the lights against quite frankly the best team in our divison should be good fun since i can easily shut them down at any time. I’ll have most of my velocity back by then and hoping to have my slider as well.

And we lost another disapointing frustrating game especially when i had my A game against the best team in the league too bad my teamates didnt another good start to a game came to a screeching halt due to fielding 2 hits through 3 innings no runs 1 walk then bam our teams true colors showed first pitch of the 4th ground ball right to SS easy play but nope boots the throw he makes it to 2nd next batter gets the only hit of a 5 run inning liner to right rightfielder misplays it and gets by him. Then the rest of the inning was drawn out with two passed balls that seem to be the norm for this inexperienced cathcer some bad calls led to 2 walks literally painting the black but no call. I also helped out the poor infield inning kid bunts one in the air to me i tried to bare hand it cause it was only option bounces away then i rush throw and our 1B cant handle it.

I ended up pulling myself after that inning with 91 pitches since we cant score a run no point sticking it out. Our team just cant play a clean game start to finish our catcher cant seem to do the basics catch and block the ball our fielders just cant seem to help me out there ive had strong preformances each time halted by errors. I got some credit from a newspaper atleast game and talked to me a bit he said it was impressive the way i handled there lineup and he thought i was a freshman in college little did he know im only 17.

In the end my final line was
4 Ip 3 k’s 3 BB’s 3 hits 0 earned runs 5 runs

1-1 1B and BB

Season line

10 ip 10 K’s 5 BB’s 7 Hits 3 Earned runs 7 runs 2.10 ERa

2-8 0 HR 1 RBI 1 2B 1 1B 1 BB

Hey sorry havent been around much to post but ive made 3 starts and 1 relief appearance since my last post My first two starts were plagued by the same old ZERO run support and ZERO Fielding support granted i didnt have my best stuff each time but enough to get some wins normally. So we dropped to 0-13 Then FInnally won our first game 7-1 had good hitting and fielding for the first time all year too bad i wasnt pitching, then the next day was a pretty intense game we came in 1-13 against a team we have had some bad blood with before there insanley cocky full of them self prep kids and our starter threw 6 1/3 innings of 1 run 2 hit ball without nearly his best stuff he left the game in the bottom of the 7th when were up 4-1 with bases loaded and 1 out so i came in to shut the door and blew it right by the two kids that came up. It was literally the hardest ive ever thrown i was told i was throwing 90 for sure which is huge thing got through those two batter with 11 pitches.

So the next day after that relief appearance i started a game hoping to get the same intensity but nonetheless our true hitting colors showed we lost 2-0 i pitched 7 innings 1 earned run 6 k’s about 5 hits one run scored on a ball through the SS legs. Today was a completely different day for once my offspeed was working better then my fastball perticullary my Slider i was spotting it for strikes and through it probally 50% of the time throughout the game i was able to mix in my curve a bit too and i still had my fastball but didnt have to use it.

Alright i dont remember the exact numbers to the two starts but i didnt have more then 3 earned runs in either of them im going to just compile the 3 starts i know for sure and the 1 relief appearance.

17.2 ip 18 K’s 8 BB’s 12 Hits 4 Earned runs 8 runs 1.62 ERA

Then the other two starts i really dont know specifically since i came out early cause the defense wouldnt keep me in the game even the base ump told me this isnt my fault thats when you know its bad.

My next start im aiming for is Wednesday so i’ll keep ya posted

And we lost 4-0 against the number 1 team and were the last i dont mean to be a broken record but it came down to no run support and no fielding support i pitched the whole game but just didnt get help from anyone even the ump had a biased zone for obvious reasons but still keep it fair. All in all i didnt have my A stuff and still managed 1 Earned run through 6 against 13 college kids.

Ill go more indepth tommorow once i get the final line and get time to think about it too tired now going to bed.

Alright well i thought id have a final line today but i dont despite a big crowd and newpapers there theres no stats anywhere so i’ll have to go off memory.

1st inning- Before the game there was some pregame cermony and i wasnt informed when i had to warm up right after the cermony ended i had yet to warm up and the game started i was literally warming up as our batter stepped in this proved to be costly the first batter hit a decently hard grounder to 1st and the first basement missed it, not terribly cause it did take a bad hop but a play that should be made. Later in the inning a dropped foul ball piled with 2 walks and a hit led to 1 unearned run.

I spent a lot of the early part of the game trying to get in a grove adjust to the mound which was completely different then anyone ive pitched on all year. I didnt have my slider at all today which hurt but my curve was there. They sat fastball and had consistent hits up the middle im pretty sure 6 of there 7 hits were grounders liners up the middle. It still should have be a 1-0 game but it wasnt.

Later in the game i think the 3rd or 4th they strung togethor 3 straight hits up the middle then finally scored the 2nd run for the only earned run of the game. A bit later there was runners on 2nd and 3rd two outs a routine groundball to 2nd he bobbles it and both score.

Overall i didnt pitch that great but i pitched well enough to give my team an opportunity to win i didnt have my A stuff but i was getting outs and getting out of jams with a little fielding help and some run support we should have won. My final line stands somewhere along this

6 IP 1 earned run 4 runs 4 k’s 4 BB’s 7 hits

season line
23.2 IP 5 ER 11 Runs 22 K’s 12 BB’s 19 Hits 1.50 ERA

The walks need to go down but two go acredited to not warming up nearly enough also id like to rant a bit consitetnyl throughout the game i was not getting calls in the zone i was painting the black and spotting low and away but a strike often and i would not get calls he wouldnt call my curve for a strike either but we struck out probally 5 times on pitches a lot worse then the ones he wasnt calling for me. Hopefully one time a game will go my way and will pull out with a win.

Got a game im going to right now will probally play either LF or 1B arms a little stiff but shouldnt be a problem hoping to get some good swings in today have been making solid contact just right at people. Will Probally only get one more start this year since i have to miss the games Friday and Sunday hopefully end with my first win. Then i have to decide what to do till school starts throwing wise. Would it be wise to take some time off or continue to throw? I end July 17th and Move into school September 2nd. As far as next year goes at school im not sure on my role yet he said initially in the winter id likely be looking at a bullpen role with around 30 or so innings but with recent talks im probally gonna get a chance to win a starting gig in the fall since my secondary pitches have taken much better form and fastball has gained some zip it was maxing at 85 at the showcase now i can gear it up to 90 or so ive been told.

Should be a good year next year also in the back of my mind im hoping to make the all star team for the league but being in last place makes it possibly out of reach considering ive pitches just aswell if not better then most of the kids in this league just no support.

I’ll keep you updated on what goes on in the game tonight and the next couple days alright thx bye

And we lost 5-0 not really a surprise we literally fielded a Freshman,JV team i guess in the end its not bad i get a good amount of innings and get to play the field probally for the last time well ever lol i havent been able to get my hitting back after hitting only sparatically over the past 5 years i always could hit just never got a chance to i guess owell missing the next 3 games cause of work but will make another start either Tuesday or Wednesday next week to end of the year.

Alright so we got a game tonight may or may not be pitching if i dont tonight i will tommorow havent thrown much over the past 3-4 days been working a lot 18 hours past 2 days then some on friday threw a bit sunday but thats it. After Wednesday though im getting serious about lifting for the last two months of summer getting in the best shape i can be for fall workouts, if i do go tonight im going to work on a lot of offspeed i more then likely will have 2-3 miles of my fastball from not throwing so a good day for offspeed.

Season has offcially come to an end, thank god cant say im gonna miss a .090 winning precentage last game of the year basically summed up the whole season i hadnt thrown a baseball in a week tried to go out and start to save us from pitching a 14 year old first ending went 1-2-3 a K and two weak groundouts 2nd inning just summed it all up bloop hit over 2nd bunt single then seeing eye weak ground ball after ground ball blooper after blooper knocked 6 runs off me in the 6th on no walks and no hard hit balls. A good deal of the plays could have been made to with an actually good infield but i digress.

After that inning i had no velocity my offspeed wasnt there and i felt tired and crappy after another inning or two i was done really my only bad start that they actually got hits on cheap hits but hits none the less.

But for now i start my offseason conditioning and training gonna keep throwing and keep this thread updated.

Alright an update i made the legion all star team which is great the games in a week or two and i should get an inning of pitching in it so gotta keep up throwing consitetnly until then. Nice little thing to make the legion all stars when i didnt even make 2nd team in the high school season considering its a lot better competiton here i smell a snub in the spring season. I was thinking about my pitching and what i need to do to take it to the next level and although ive always worked hard i never 100% completely devoted myself to the craft partly cause i didnt have the resources to do so but now going of to college being with teamates all the time i can throw whenever lift whenever work on my mechanics whenever. My mechanics are still inconsistent i know what i need to do to fix them just need reps, but i feel like despite throwing high 80’s i have a lot more in the tank and a lot more to come control and velocity wise so im quite excited for the next 4 years. Just because i went the Divison 3 route doesnt mean i cant suceed at the next level.

Just an update i threw a bullpen session yesterday and today my arm wasnt sore today hence why i did another im going to long toss tommorow hopefully stretch the arm out a bit. The all star games in a little over a week so trying to get my arm in the best shape by then to throw some heat for the inning im gonna throw playing at the same field i reportedly touched 90 on so should be fun. Im working on getting a video up soon of my mechanics so you’ll can critique and what not.

Im picking up lifting again on monday couldnt get to the gym past week cars been in the shop 3 different times come to find out i had to much oil in it the people who changed my oil screwed up quite a bit and everytime i started the car it had to burn it off and just wasnt working well.

I’ll update you later on my throwing sessions and possibly a video.

Threw long toss yesterday extended it out to about 220-250 feet felt good my arm still feels good today takign a week off was nice today im going to throw a 30-40 pitch bullpen with most of it being offspeed need to work on them quite a bit. Im hoping to have max velocity for the all star game would like to pump out high 80’s maybe touch 90 again. Heading of to work then back for bullpen.

Alright today threw some long toss with my dad gonna toss a bullpen tommorow gonna stretch it to 75 pitches a week till the all star game hoping to have full velocity for then, i havent been gunned since the winter but in the winter i topped at 85 or 87 not sure which one one person said 87 to my hs coach and they told me 85 there still surprised i only got 1 phone call from that showcase but whatever its the school im going to. Im looking foward to throwing consitently and lifting consitently next year theres no doubt i have a good deal of velocity to gain and im hoping to be at 88-91 by start of spring season which isnt out of reach since i think i can almost touch 90 now. Im going to set up a goals page as well as a season tracker on my 1st post or 2nd post to help me obtain my goals.

The plan is as follows for today.

Going to throw lightly today threw a 75 pitch bullpen yesterday will probally extend to like 150-200 feet Just keep the arm lose. My arm feels really really good right now i still need to keep throwing but im confident i’ll be 100% by the All star game the only problem will be is if i need to use my offspeed much they may not be there I can deffinately get by with only fastballs but never know how it goes.

Also doing chest/bi’s/forearms today as always i do a dynamic warmup followed by 5 min jog then get into lifting i dont do a lot with bis just enough to get a workout usually 12-15 reps to tone up. Chest i use variations of pushups,dips and DB excercises never do BB, Then i finish with some foreram work. So should be busy today still gotta find out whats the deal with the all star game surprised we havent had a practice yet.