A few videos of the knuckleball. ~Interesting~

Charlie Hough- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAvttPhODCk

Tim Wakefield- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9pksIXq77E

Jared Fernandez- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jfk5GV62Hs

In my opinion out of these three videos that are here, I think Fernandez has the most movement and the best knuckler. Tim’s just seem to have no spin but are straight probably with a little wobble, although I have seen some monsterous ones from him this video shows what he normally throws. And finally Charlie Hough, HOF’er, I can’t knock his, they seemed to have the most velocity and with that being said, I think he got the most movement his velocity would allow.

I just thought it was interesting. I myself throw a knuckleball around 50mph (depends) and mine is not at the level of any of these guys but I do have a good highschool knuckler that usually looks like a slow curveball break down and away, every now and then any knuckleballer including myself will get that freak knuckler that moves 2 or more feet, which I have had a quite a few over the past 6 years of throwing it, it’s just being able to throw that freak knuckle consistantly that determines what level you are at.

It’d be nice to hear some stories or anything on the knuckleball from people who throw it or just people who have seen others, anything!

Thanks, WhiteSox101. :wink:

I vote for Hough. He throws his flatter, so they reach the plate lower, and I think his have more movement than Fernandez’, who starts his ball higher and lets gravity enhance the movement with more of a drop.

It needs to be said that on any given day a knuckle can move like a feather in the wind, or be straight as a string. All the factors that go into making a good knuckler can’t be represented by any one video of one series of pitches on one specific day (or specific inning, even).

As to that Hough video, the catcher shoulda been sent to the minors (and may have been, I guess :roll: ). Anyone catching a knucklers should know better than to rely on his mitt to stop the ball!

Great vids, WS!

Jared has a great knuckleball i think it beats out the other 2

charlie hough seems to go on one side than it just change so fast, i wouldnt like to be the catcher

I’d like to see Charlie Haegar pitch sometime this year also, but I think even if Fernandez throws his from straight over the top and lets gravity help it is still on a harder downward plane to hit as far as the others, unless ofcourse yours is moving extreamly quick side to side like a few of Hough’s did.

I don’t think you got the best video of wake on there, because normally his has a much greater drop on it.

Here is another of Wake at 67mph, his videos are harder to find than you may think.

I would have to say none of the above.
The knuckleball is a pitch that depends on too many factors, not the least of which are the weather conditions and the ability of the catcher. Someone once said that the thing to do is wait until the pitch rolls to a stop and then pick it up. And I have seen many pitchers, not known for the knuckler, throw a good one from time to time. Eddie Lopat had one in his arsenal and used it occasionally—he threw what nowadays would be called a “hard” knuckleball when he deigned to use it. So have a lot of pitchers. The upshot is, whatever knuckles for you (weather permitting, of course), pick one and throw it and hope it gets in there for a strike!
I never threw one, but I did have a very good knuckle-curve. :slight_smile: