A Few Questions I Have Please Read

I am just begining a weight lifting program and so far it’s going good. I’m working hard and everything but a few questions have popped up. I wonder If I am doing the right exercizes for pitching? I have been doing squats, bench press (my pecs are killing me and they are affecting my throwing), incline bench, heel raises, back raises, high pull, power clean, and sit ups. The workout plan I have is a 4 day workout (we had the choice of 3 or 4 day workout). Also it is the same workout that the football team does. I used to play QB but I lack height :-p

Here are my max’s:
Bench 135
Incline Bench 105
Dead Lift 275 (I didn’t really try)
Curl 75
Power Clean 105

*I had a post a few months ago about being clocked at a fair… My friend who just tore a ligament in his elbow just recently got clocked at 83MPH at a college and he has a messed up elbow and isn’t going to be able to pitch anymore :-/ So i’m more confident about my pitching speed because we probably throw around the same speed and he threw that with a hurt arm.

What kind of gains do you think I could get in 3 months time? Also what other exercizes would you recommend for me to do? Also I was wondering if I should start taking supplements like bromelain, turmeric, and fish oil during the season for my tendonitis. (I’ve always have bad tendonitis). What do you guys think about taking these with a multivitamin of course? Does anyone take supplements? If so what do you take?

*Oh and btw if you could tell me something about what my friend could do for his torn ligament (he has scar tissue between the ligament and the bone) what supplements could help him? Me and him are the 2 main pitchers on our Varsity high school team. Thanks For Your Time…

Looks pretty good thus far. We’d be able to help you out better if you explained a bit more about what your training split is- what you do each workout, sets and reps per lift, etc. Also you might want to list your age and stats.

As for your friend, he should go see a physical therapist and talk things over. Rehabbing the injury would probably help more than supplements. But (just in case he has already seen the doctors) fish oil and glucosomine are both good for lubricating joints.

Your other question about supplements- I take one multivitamin, 2 fish oil pills (1 gram each), and three calcium, magnesium, and zinc pills. I took flax seed oil and fish oil at one point, but havent noticed a difference since dropping the flax (fish oil is cheaper). I’ve never heard of the other stuff you mentioned.

Dont bench, you’ll risk hurting your shoulder that way. Only do dumbell bench because its a more natural movement, and only go down to 90 degrees (arms parallel to the floor)

how old are you?
your cleans should be more than your bench. work on your form.

I don’t see squats in your program.

And your power clean should be right around your bench press if you train them both. But it won’t be if you’re not squatting.

if you have absolutely perfect cleaning form, you should be able to clean as much as you can squat.

Maybe if you squat 150.

If I could clean 315 I’d be a god. (I’m 15)

Everyone look at the original posting date. :smiley:

i said perfect form. i could always clean more thn i could bench. if you’re only cleaning as much as you bench then you are using all arms.

First it’s squat, now it’s bench.

I lol’d

yes, i dont have perfect form, but it is good. the guy who posted the original wasnt cleaning as much as he was benching, which means he was using mostly arms to do cleans.