A few pics of my mechanics

There’s only a couple here and I’m just wondering how it looks (pics taken tuesday, april 24th), I’m a sophmore in highschool that swings up to pitch for varsity but pitched for Jv and this game I went 6 innings, 2 runs, 4 hits, 3 BB 12 k’s (couldve finished the game) but we 10 run ruled them. My frosh year I made JV/Could’ve pitched varsity if I did not hurt my arm but when I recoverd I had 3 games that had 13-15 k’s each and a total of 6 runs in the 3, with few walks/hits (all complete games ). please let me know what you think

It’s tough to tell anything from still photos. A video clip would work much better but I’ll throw in my two cents anyways. In the first photo it looks as if you are perfectly balanced. While some coaches may preach this until they are blue in the face, it is not the most efficient way to pitch. The best pitchers in the game of baseball start their weight towards home plate almost as soon as they lift their front foot. Ideally, your front hip should be leading the rest of your body to the plate in the first photo. Randy Johnson is a perfect example of this in this photo: http://ww3.sportsline.com/u/photos/allsport/jul97/Randy7397.jpg

Like I said before, anything else is hard to judge. As far as I know, you may start your weight towards home like I suggested and if that is the case, then keep it up. I’m just commenting on what I’m seeing.

I agree with Diesel. In the first photo it appears that you are at the apex of your knee lift yet your hips have not yet started forward. You’re “staying back”. This prevents you from generating as much momentum as you otherwise could. It also prevents you from getting out over the front leg as evidenced by that 2nd photo. In the 2nd photo it appears that your center of gravity is well behind your front foot at release (although the camera angle could be making things deceiving). That can limit hip rotation and, therefore, velocity.