A few new slider grips

Been messing around with some new slider grips, the 2nd grip I learned from our ace on the team it’s quite simple and produces!

First one is pretty simple, hold it like you would with a four seem but place your index and middle finger together and slide them down to the far right(opposite if you’re lefty) side of the horseshoe:



If you can, hold the ball off center by sliding your thumb closer to underneath your top two fingers, I find it gets more break that way.

Next grip I personally have fallen in love with because of the grip it’s actually difficult to throw this pitch and not have any break. The way your fingers are positioned even if you throw it without any arm action you can, and most likely will, get some break on it:



The great thing about this grip is if you throw it like a fastball, the way your index finger is sitting on top of the seem almost forces the ball to slide, and this is even more apparent when you throw it with a little late flick of the wrist as you’re releasing.

Great pics and tips!!

Thanks steve, did you throw a slide-piece back in the day? If so which grip did you use and what things(if any) did you mess with to try and get the best slider you could?

for the first grip you mentioned do you throw it just like a fast ball?

You can but I wouldn’t suggest it, I found that it was flat and didn’t have enough movement to it when thrown like a fastball. Throw it just like a fastball until release, when you’re about to release snap your fingers/wrist down/across so that you get on top of the upper part of the ball. It really takes some bullpen sessions to get a feel for how to throw it. I just added a slider this year so I have been working on getting the feel and consistency for it myself.

yeah ive added it too. Just my slider looks like a curve ball. In my opinion its a sliding curve ball. Is that really a pitch? My friend taught me the grip and it really breaks like a slider. But slow like a curve.

You want your slider to be almost your fastball velocity, out of the hand it should look like a fastball and as it reaches the plate have late breaking movement. To be honest a nice big late break is nice, but even if you can get the ball to move a few inches you can make a guy miss squaring it up and get a ground ball or fly ball out. I think you may be trying too hard on trying to get movement and getting your hand on the side of the ball like a curve. Try throwing it like a fastball until you feel it leaving your fingertips then snap your wrist down across the ball. By doing that you still get the velocity but the little cut of your fingers helps with the movement. Best of luck

No such thing as a sliding curve. The thing that seperates a curve from a slider is the hook/hitch that most curveballs take before breaking downward. A sweeping curve is like a regular curve except with more horizontal movement. Slurve is a perfect mix of slider and curve because it has the hitch as a curveball with the slider movement. Experiment and you’ll find something.

That first grip is Diasuke Matsuzaka’s slider.

For the second grip, should feel the ball sliding off my index finger? And will the speed of this pitch affect it’s movement?

Yes, you want your middle finger to feel like it’s sliding off the side of the baseball while still getting enough behind it to keep the fastball look, and speed then as your middle finger is coming off the ball you’ll feel your pointer finger catch on the seam, at that time you’ll want to snap your wrist down and follow through.

Not sure I know what you mean by will the speed effect the movement…do you mean if you were to throw it slower or faster will you get more movement? If that’s what you meant, I would say yes the harder you throw, snap your wrist and follow through you’ll notice more break, as well as harder late break which is a pitchers best friend. I’ll try and get high speed video of release when I get a chance!

Canadian Ball 51:

Do you have any other pictures of grips of pitches? If you do, it would be great if you put them in a new post. Thanks.

these are great grips thx. i also have one. hold it on the outside third of the ball. like the first one you said. and have a ur mid finger on the seam