A father in need of advice for 10 year old lefty?

Like I said I am a father of a 10 year old left hander who is insistent on becoming a pitcher. I used to play but I am from the school of right handers and feel at a loss for helping him. Is there any advice any left handers can give me on where to begin and where to go on teaching him the basics and control? He also keeps wanting to palm the ball as he throws instead of using the proper grip of a four seam I was taught. If anyone could help me because he is getting very frustrated with himself and me.

It can be very frustrating to try and coach your own kids. When my son was about your sons age he would battle me every step of the way. If I told him something he would roll his eyes or whatever, if someone else told him the exact same thing it was like it was delivered from on high.
Right hand/left hand shouldnt matter much in terms of technique.
It is probably time to find a good pitching coach in your area and take him for a lesson or two.

I hear ya! That is my son to a “T”! When he needs to calmed down or talked to I send out one of the other coaches. We have that pact amongst all of the coaches that we work with the other coaches son. They all seem to be that way at that age for some reason. Thanks for the advice I have been searching around for a good pitching coach in our area that could at least get him going on the basics and then see where it goes from there. He does good but gets really frustrated at himself when he fails. I keep telling him maybe pitching isn’t what we are supposed to do. It takes a certain mentality and composure.

At 10 years old I attempted to make my son use a proper 4 seam grip; didn’t work out too well as he had control issues when he tried. I was advised to let him continue to use all four fingers & work on getting ball out of his palm. Seems to be an issue with size of hands/fingers at that age that might not want to push him to use the “proper” 4 seam grip until he gets a little older. Mine had no issues adjusting his grip after his hands grew.

I don’t think there’s any real secret to the lefty-righty thing. If anything, you have an advantage: you can stand facing each other and he can try to mirror you as you throw. Us lefties have to learn to flip the right-oriented world around all the time anyway. :roll:

Use terms like “glove arm” and “throwing arm” instead of “left” and “right”.

His hands are probably too small to get the ball out of the palm, but he should still be able to get the right two-fingered grip. IMO.

The only thing a Lefty needs to do is not cross the the front foot back past the post foot on leg kick. This is so he can still pick 1st with a leg kick. He can hold 2nd because he can noodle over with the leg kick.

Reno is in your handle, are you in Reno Nv?