A fascinating read on the path


JUCO guy makes good :smiley:
Interesting path but it shows that playing D-1 for 4 years and getting drafted is only 1 way of many.
I really thought Ted was the best Cub pitcher over the last 2 seasons.

I played against Yakima when I was playing for the Cub’s Boise Hawks … great baseball town. You’re right, jd - the path for a lot of guys is via juco’s, and even some d2 and d3 schools!

I think it really exemplifies that keeping focused…BELIEVING!!! And never letting the path get deviated from are some of the most important traits on this rare and difficult trail. At that level so many things can bring it all to a stop just before…

Interesting and intriguing, thanks for posting this.

example of a guy who just loves the game for the game