A drawing of the key to understanding mechanics

Arts and craft hour with my kids and this is what I wanted to share. My project was to put the most information in picture form for understanding the pitching process. Hope this helps someone out there with understanding a bit about the delivery.

My kids drew tigers and tanks.


Merry Christmas.


Brilliant drawing coach.

You should title it Fred Corral’s Vetruvian Man.

Merry Christmas

Thanks Turn22 LOL!!

If anybody is in or near Richmond, Va. On the 12-13 of January, Would love to meet you and talk pitching.


Sounds like a great program, I am not in that part of the country but hope you share some of the basics you learn from the weekend.

That drawing is very fun - My favorite part is the tapering bar that shows when arm position is worsening. Good, goodish, bad!