A dip in velocity?

It usually happens this time of year if you’ve been throwing for a few weeks. Not sure why, but it happened to me during my playing days, too. I will say that it all evens out and increases again usually by March.

What’s going on with you and your throwing? How’s your velocity and arm feeling?

this is either a coincidence or you have been reading through my stuff lol. because this happened to me this weekend. i have been throwing for a few months and my arm has just been feeling sub-par as of late! how do i regain my velo and more?

I have been reading through the logs lately … and I also got a few emails this week from players who’ve been throwing since early January and been experiencing it.

My running training for a half marathon I’m running in March is also going through some doldrums…

My advice is to keep working hard. The body naturally goes through some ebbs and flows and for many, this is the time of year when it happens, as well as early fall for many college players who’ve come off of Spring and Summer seasons.

Steven (Our Founder :greengrin: ) Ellis Wrote

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My velocity seems to be good, location is a little off but I am working on it in bullpens over the last 2-3 weeks.

not bad, increased my deadlift by 85 lbs, starting my 3rd session of pull down tomorrow…

but yea this month i have been pretty sore in the legs and my throwing forearm is just getting back to what it was during my first pull down session…

i just noticed though my arm is tender when i run along my ulna bone… not sure what it is but its been getting better… just taking the weekend off of lifting and playing some basketball/cycling for good blood flow get back to the iron

complete opposite for me. my velocity and control are both a bit better than usual.