A different kind of shoulder problem

this one time in my high school baseball practice this spring, it was kind of drizzling so our bases were wet. We were doing base running drills and I slipped on the base and landed on my shoulder and haven’t been even close to throwing 100% for about 4 weeks. Shoulder wasn’t broken or anything though it was just really painful. I iced it alot everyday, and now it seems one of the bones in my right shoulder seems to be jutting out more than the same kind of bone in my left shoulder side. I can throw 100% but not as long as I used to be able to and it isn’t as comfortable throwing overhand anymore.

I’ve been putting icy hot on in since my dad told me to… he’s a doctor I assume he knows what he’s tellin me but just in case… should I be icing it? should I warm it? should I pitch through the pain and will it be all good in a couple of weeks or months?

I would say it’s possible you had some kind of dislocation of it, but if your dads a doc and hasn’t noticed anything I dunno what to say…maybe get a doctors appt?

definately go see the doctor cause (i don’t know if you watch nba basketball) but jameer nelson did the same thing. he just fell and hit shoulder on the floor and ended up with a torn labrum in his shoulder.

wow… dang, I should really be careful then, thanks for that I’ll go see a doctor

actually he hasn’t seen it yet, I told him what happened over the phone since he’s abroad and won’t be here till sometime next week. I went to see the school trainer and he told me just to ice it daily.