A day late and a dollar short?

I turned 16 a few months ago, im 6’1’'ish around 180 to 190. Ive never been clocked but I KNOW I dont throw very hard, at all. My guess is I throw in the low 70’s. I throw two curves, a quicker sharper breaking slurve style and a slower over the top 12-6. I also throw a two seamer that breaks in to the righties.

My point is that my time to be noticed is getting very slim. Id love to play college baseball anywhere, D1, D2, D3, JUCO or Community College. I play catch/long toss around 4 times week. I lift some 5 lb weights as it shows on this site. When school ends I will start to run a few miles a day and save money for a net to throw to because I have no one to catch for me (catch as in me pitch to them.)

Theres gotta be so much more I can do but I just dont know what. So what else can I do?

You are a good sized kid, phyisiologically you have the potential to increase speed. How are your mechanics? Has anybody looked at you?
I have always felt that desire is the ingrediant that takes you to the next level. Self-starting hard-workers are assets to every team they play on, you have that. You have the knowledge that you need to get better, now continue to have the humilitry to say you don’t know it all and find someone to assist. In your area, seek out the colleges and schools around you, go to their web-sites, find out about clinics, go to them and take the time to contact the coaches, many of them give lessons or know where you can get a good lesson and not get ripped off.
I have been watching this site for half a year now and it is chock full of folks that have a wealth of good information, use it…
One other thing, sit down and plan, I have found that when you want to reach any goal coming up with a realistic plan (Work-out, practice, lessons, more competition, etc.) and then following through on it (Adjusting accordingly if something doesn’t work out), will get you to where you want to go nearly every time.
Have at it, it won’t be handed to you but if you keep working you may find success.
Good Luck!