A couple quick videos

Well I got the mound up in the top of a barn my dad has becuase yes in New York it is still too cold to play outside. Well all went well and once I got done warming up I was sad to see my camera wasn’t charged. So the first video is of me trying to get a quick pitch in so your not seeing a huge session of videos like I usually have but next time I pitch I will get a few of them in. Now me on my mechanics I have been trying to encorporate my legs alittle more so today when I was throwing my mechanics were changing left and right. I think the video shows it pretty good but they did change it will take a few sessions but I will get them down soon. My legs are stronger now that I’ve been working out a lot and I want to take advantage of that.

The second video is of me throwing my forkball, I will include some pictures. The video is far but it gives you an idea of how offspeed it is. Just watch how my hand is already flying through and the ball is just making its way through the plate. Any comments on that would be great, what do you guys think?

Also if anyone maby xv84 knows how to get a slow motion video that would be great if you can give me a download. The video is in quicktime and I had to use photobucket but I can always change it to a differnet format. I think I’ve done that before.

EDIT: This sums it all up, my fastball first then forkball second then a slowmotion of the fastball, then I repeat the fastballs and forkballs twice

Link for now I’ll embedd once its done loading on youtube.

This is how I throw my forkball.

u could do that year round if u wanted, lucky :angryrazz:

but thats a hot forkball

[quote=“OffSet”]u could do that year round if u wanted, lucky :angryrazz:

Yeah but the only downside is that once it gets hot this summer its on the secondfloor of a barn and it will get really hot and I’ll have to truck my pitchers mound back down the stiars and it was pretty hard to get up there. But good for a couple months at least.

meh, better than wut i have… a small room with no mirror :baseballpitcher:

yeah, that is quite the awesome setup you have, I wish I had something like that.

I live in Ontario, Canada…I know all about the snow :frowning:

lol, me too :o

bower- how do u release ur forkball? whenever i try it now it has this weird spin on it, someitmes its forward and diagnol sometimes its sideways and sum spins r just totally screwy

Paint the fence is the best way I can describe it.

You need to firm up your glove arm better. Reach out and take your chest to the glove, don’t yank it out of the way.

yours look kind of like my mechanics…

nice barn, by the way!

I agree with TCtheDON. If you can stabilize the glove out in front of your torso and bring your chest to the glove, that will help you avoid opening up early and that will help protect your arm.

Also, looks like you like you could get started forward a bit sooner though it’s kind of hard to tell from the camera angle.

Very cool “bullpen”. How long is the area you have to throw in?

[quote=“Roger”]I agree with TCtheDON. If you can stabilize the glove out in front of your torso and bring your chest to the glove, that will help you avoid opening up early and that will help protect your arm.

Also, looks like you like you could get started forward a bit sooner though it’s kind of hard to tell from the camera angle.

I will try that and I know it’s hard with the view I had I don’t think I was getting good momentum. I will get some more videos hopefully tomorrow with good views and multiple pitches. Also I messed with my mechanics a lot the other day so that might not even be the way I was throwing most of the time.

Very cool “bullpen”. How long is the area you have to throw in?[/quote]

It’s about 90 ft. but the stairway takes up a little. It’s nice though the heat rises right up there and it stays very warm. It was about 30 degrees out and I had to open up the double doors on the side to keep it at a good temp without me getting too hot. But I’m sure most people would have been freezing but I’m used to it. There are about 8 small windows pretty good lighting but I kept the lights off and just used the doubledoor and windows.

Bower wat do mean by paint the face… when i threw this earlier it had lil to no rotation and drop like 2 feet.

Ugh this is difficult to explain. Ok let me talk a little bit about what I do know about the forkball. First off it is a very natural pitch for me to throw. The first time I even tried this pitch the person I was playing catch with’s mouth dropped and he was in disbelief.

These are some things I like and don’t like about this pitch. For me I don’t thorw hard to start off with but this pitch is very slow compared to my fastball. Honestly if I had a good fastball I would alter my grip just a bit by turning it into more of a splitter instead of a fork. This way I could have better location and less detection of the pitch. The reason I say this is because when I throw it you can tell the lack of spin. Honestly it is very hard to hit even if you see the lack of movement. Now when I throw it good it is very offspeed and it drop with a lot of movement. Now when I throw it bad it is still offspeed but if it doens’t have drop it can be very hazardous. If the player sees the lack of rotation and tees up on it it can be bad. In all honesty I personally can’t imagine hitting it myself if I keep it low, and one of the best ways I describe myself is if I could face myself pitching, I’d crush it. I’m not the greatest pitching I’m really more of a position player that somehow ended up upon this website… :shock: :roll: . Now it is very very nasty when kept low but also take into account it is difficult to control and easier detection. If you want my honest opinion the only reason I throw this pitch is becuase it could land me a few innings on varsity and I’m not even really a pitcher. If I wanted to be serious about pitching I probably wouldn’t even throw this pitch becuase if a good hitter sees the lack of rotation and I leave it high he will crush it. This isn’t very true for the majority of highschool players, they will fall for it all day. Now it would be difficult to hit even if left high but it would not be even close to a good of a pitch when kept low. This has more drop than a change-up but you can detect it easier. I do keep the same arm action but the spin is just too noticable. Ok so I just rambled on because I wanted you to know about this pitch and what I do and dont’ like about it.

Now this is how I throw it. I will try but remember this is a natural pitch for me to throw. I get the ball with my grip and you must have the same finger pressure and same space between each seam or this pitch can really screw up. This can be a hard thing to do especially on the mound so you should practice it first to get it good. I can do pretty good if I grip it while the hitter is lining himself up. I spend almost a full year on this pitch and I do have some trouble locating it. I’m working on it though. Now that is the key point the equaly spaced and pressured grip. Next when I throw it I throw it strait down like I’m paining a fence from top to bottom. Then I let the ball roll and be thrown off the insides of my finger, crazy huh? I really get baffled sometimes thinking how a pitch that is thrown like that can be located but it can be done and I can do it. I basically keep the same arm action but I swipe through hard enough to get it across the plate. To tell you the truth earlier a month or so before the baseball season started I could locate it inside and outside pretty good.

I will say that this is a very tricky pitch and if your a good pitcher the wasted time might be a loss. I’m not even a main pitcher I have nothing to lose by practicing it. It is very difficult but my coach was very impressed and I did well against batters in a practice last week. It was our first week of practice but I will let you know how it works out during the next couple of weeks.

I didn’t doublecheck any of this I’m a bit lazy tonight so just shout if theres anything you need clarified.

no clarification… Just trying to find some way to make it to varsity… if i pitch good tomorrow i may be moved up… maybe i’ll try throwing it tomorrow while warming up and see how it goes and if i have some confidence in it throw it in the game…

Hmm Thanks Bower

Do you need more clarification I guess I don’t understand this statement.

nope dont need anymore… Im just trying to find a way to get to varsity and this may be it

It could but it is a pitch that takes some time. I can post some pictures with alternate grips later today ones that are easier to control but a little faster.