A Couple of Players for Us to Relate to

If you are like me and are in your teens and looking to maybe get into a college baseball career mechanics are obviously an important thing to have at any position. My cousin is 17 and catches for the Ottawa-Nepean Canadians premier all ontario team and he told me about this site. Its a great site thats packed with lots of info and actually allows you to interact with the players by way of email or msn. If you look on the right side you will see a list of names under the title of active player. Clicking on a name brings up a professional scouting report and about a 2:30 minute video clip from all angles in both fast and slow motion. I encourage you to check it out its a great site and will help many of you the link is: http://collegebaseballconnect.ca/home/default.asp in terms of pitchers checking out Sean Carrick and Kyle Radke, they are solid right handed pitchers and a solid left handed pitcher is Tyler Durward. these guys are quite good and following their progress should be interesting. By the way if anybody cares my cousin is on the list. hes the top catcher the name is Taylor Frederick. hes 17 and is already scouted out as having footwork as fast as your average MLB catcher enjoy.