A Club House Wish to You

Twas the preseason before Christmas and all across town,
the home team was planning for the leagues new crown.

To the North Pole reported , first pitchers and catchers of course,
then one by one, the home team endorsed:
there’s Prancer, there Dasher, and even Comet and Blitzen,
then Rudolph, then Donner and even Dasher came a whistlen.

And bringing up the rear, as always they did,
were Cupid and Vixen with an elf named Cid.

Now the team settle in for the event of the year,
with good times for all, and lots of good cheer.

Just then the club house door swung wide,
and there in the entrance with a very big guy.
All dressed up in his uniform right,
with a big black belt, just about waist high.

“Now gather around lads,” he said with a smile,
“We’ve got the best fans in the league,
and they’ve been with us a long while”.

“Now I know it’s gonna take time,
to get back into shape,
to shed a few pounds from that off season cake”.

“But it’s back on the base paths, and a swing of the bats,
the lacing of spikes and the fitting of caps.”

“It’s ole father time that we have to play,
round the world we do fly,
and sliding and stealing without compromise”.
“The sign is on gents, so don’t even think twice,
for we’re going to deliver these toys, all in one night.”

“But before we train and depart for our trip,
I just want to remind you of why we do this”.
“For this is the season of giving, of joy and time spent,
bringing happiness to folks and remembering those that went.”

Now the old man chuckled and said a HO=HO,
a little out of tune and a little too low.

His elves and the reindeer knew he could better,
so they asked Santa to belt out another.

HO-HO was the call, from rafters to floor,
across the hallways and then out the door.

“Christmas is hear” shouted and elf with such clatter,
But Santa knew well, in our hearts is what matter.
Not just one call, nor words once to be spoken,
not just the exchanging of gifts, and the dinner there after.

It’s the knowledge that we can be better, than we usually are.
To wear a red suit, in sleigh or in a car.
To be thankful for family, and be the best we can be,
whether we’re safe at home, or hearing “strike three”.

May all the best be with you and your families.

Coach Baker