A cheap radar?

Im looking for a cheap way to clock myself. I was looking at buying a cheapo gun with display:

for $154.00 but is this accurate?

OR one of those cheapo radar baseball? linked here:

or are these pretty inaccurate? I am thinking they would be for the type of backstop i am pitching to. the ball would not have a sudden stop but hit a net and slow down.

For simple “clocking” yourself, sure, it’s fine.

I have a couple of Sports Radar Tracer SRA3000 Sport Radar Gun w/ Trigger / Continuous / Average Modes, Stats. It’s the gun just to the bottom right of the web page that you listed here. I’ve found that plug, the Tracer, to be just as good as the more expensive guns, and they can be put into suit cases, equipment bags and other carry bags without worrying about damage. But, this does not mean that they can be abused.

For park and rec use, these things are ok. On the other hand, they are directional sensitive. In other words, it’s best to be in-line with the ball coming in, or, even behind the pitcher gunning the ball going to the catcher. Either way, they’re fun, and fairly cheap for what you’re getting - that is if you have a $100 bucks you can part with.

Coach B.

$100 in my opinion is not bad. I payed $20 an hour just to rent a portable mound to throw on in doors. That is really the only place i can get clocked in my situation and that is hoping i am there at the some time as a coach with a gun. I figure dishing out the money for a personal play toy i can keep constant supervision while tweaking something in my delivery that gives or takes away from my velocity.

And thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Quick question about those radar balls. I baseball weighs 5oz, these radar balls weight 9oz. Are these bad on the arm to throw and wont they be misleading due to the loss of velocity because its heavier?

If they are truly 9oz, I would pass on them. Yes they will affect actual velocity.

Yeah i think i was just wait a while and buy a real radar gun with display. Maybe find one on ebay for cheap :slight_smile:

I could not wait…so i just baught this

I will let you all know how it works, plus you can get it for cheaper then the original $154 that i stated previously in this topic. Any where from $124 ~ $209.

DONT BUY THE BASEBALL RADAR. I bought one for 20 bucks at a flea market. That dumb ball was telling me i throw 40mph like 20 times in a row when i was throwing much faster. And when my little bro threw the ball it read 120mph. JUNK. just letting you know from my mistake lol.