A Case Study

This story is a fantastic example of what happens when the media/conventional wisdom decides on stuff.
I’m a Tebow fan, I can provide a whole list of outstanding attributes this kid has brought to the game and another whole list of accomplishments this humble person has acheived…but if you believe your own eyes…now it’s a totally different story…You see a real role model and a guy who just loves what he does and WINS. If you listen to those who hate him (HATE him…imagine inspiring hate for doing something you love…) he is the worst ever to tie on cleats…Well this story shows what happens when you actually “look it up”.
One thing I’ve learned over my many years is a winner cannot be held back by “Bad press” or anything else…they win.



What I’m about to say should make you happy…Think about Tim going in the first round, all the hype is just meant to sell papers and other media propaganda. It pays them to diss him because it creates controversy and controversy sells papers. Oh yeah, and Tim won’t fight back because of his make-up. Then when Tim goes in the first round, now they can talk about the “gamble” the team took on him. It’s all a set up…(How’s that for a conspiracy theory 8) I’m a little off kilter anyway.)

So…who gets Tim? How bout Jacksonville :stuck_out_tongue: or if not then Buffalo :smiley: and if not Pittsburgh :shock: …FIRST ROUND ! ! !

I think Jax would be a fit, but believe it or not the team right now that has spent the most time on him is Washington. Garrard is a great guy but he’s never had the ability to move like he did in his break out year, he’s still a fairly efficient passer though. If Big Ben keeps putting his head where the sun don’t shine…Pitt might need another…physically Tebow is close to a carbon copy of Rothlesburger.
I think some of it is to sell papers, some of it is real hate for the christian kid. One thing is certain, he’ll be a commodity, he will bring the fans…even if there is a trainwreck, the NFL needs quality, Qbs. I’ve watched this kid throw 70 and 80 yd laser beams since he was in high school…AND as a DB who tied a state record for ints way back in the day, I can say that that mechanic where he dropped his hand, that is supposed to make him such a bad thrower, won’t be much of a tip…and you won’t know where it’s going.

I know first hand all about head injuries and there’s no doubt that motorcycle crash and all the subsequent concussions have taken their toll on Ben. Even if he avoids getting scuffed up over this last indiscretion, his career in the NFL is farther along than you think. That’s why I think they need a Tim Tebow now. And even though he’s a rookie, his personality will have positive effects on Ben and some others. The Rooney’s do not like bad publicity, they just like to win and make money of course. Just don’t let Cleveland get Tebow, that’s all I ask. :roll:

Now that body guard that was with Ben is one mean dude who can handle himself in any bar fight. One of my partners in crime (so to speak) worked with him and witnessed it first hand.

I vote for football to leave Cleveland altogether!!