A Blast From De Past


20 yrs old and a CG on his 1st game…and a p o r n o mustashe :shock:

Check out a young Jamie Moyer walk up and congratulate the rookie :lol:

I remember watching this game…


Nice find JD


A timely reminder of the importance of a pitcher being able to field the position. 8)


Anyone actually check his front side as he threw? That mech changed over 20 years.

And yes Zita…Maddux and his 16 Gold Gloves is living proof that to be a complete pitcher has it’s advantages…just how many additional pitches did he save his arm with those Gold Gloves? In 20+ years he walked less than a thousand batters (999 to be exact…with over 3000 k’s) how much arm did that save?

For those who get to thinking that velocity is it and all there is…it may be a gate keeper…but it’s success that keeps a player playing…look at Lincecum, he’s “learning” how to pitch now that his velo is reduced and the Gigante’s obviously see value there.


A friend sent me a copy of a scouting report on Maddux when he was a Senior in High School in Las Vegas.
It was funny because the scout had his fastball as “above average”…90-92 if I remember correctly. The scout also graded his control as “below average”. Just goes to show (as does Zito) there are multiple ways to get things done. If you are smart enough, care enough and lucky enough, sometimes you can get things done different ways in the same career.
Great video…and even better 'stach.