A.B Journal to improvement and success!

Im making this journal in order for me to look back and try and do better every single day, It will also help me to see where im lacking in my training. If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment but this is more of something so I know how i’ve improved. Anythings appreciated though!

Been training in Dominican for 2.5 months with a program in which they help to condition me and eventually get signed (My goal is between 1-2 years time to get signed) Until than… Im going to work my A** off each and every day!
I’ve recently lost 20 lbs in 4 months by doing alot of running and such (I was a little bit over weight) Now that I have the unneeded fat off Im going to start building muscle in order to increase my velocity and become a better athlete) I’ve been training for a long time but I’ve become serious about about a year ago when I started to do the Jobe excersices and resistence band in order to strengthen my rotator cuff and shoulders. Before I came to dominican republic I started taking a pitching class that was run by a former college player, I did that for 8 weeks in which he helped with my mechanics and the past two months they have been working my mechanics more while i’ve been here. One of the things i need to fix is to make my arm more fluent. I feel like I stop when my arms gets cocked!

My immediate goals are to:;
-Gain 15 pounds of muscle by October 18th 2012 (1 month as of today)
-Increase my 60 yard dash time from probably 7.7 (im very slow right now) to maybe 7 or 6.9 in 1month. Got to start somewhere right!!

September 18th 2012:
17 years old
6 foot 6; 210-215 pounds
84-86 mph fastball

(The program im in is from Monday - friday from 2P.M - 6 P.M)
Today we have a game in which i’m pitching, recently i’ve been doing fairly good, last week I threw 2 innings and got 5 strikeouts however on the friday of that week I threw another game in which I got hammered My mental side of things wern’t there so im hoping to improve that to day. Those things happen to all of us once in a while. Results of the game I will post tonight.

First of all if anyone does end up reading this, Sorry about creating two topics of the same thing, I accedently clicked something and It messed up my internet and did it twice…

So today was a great game against a pretty good team, they had good pitchers and good bats, However The coach put me in as closer for the final inning of them game, I was hoping id pitch more today but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles, I usually pitch closer with 2 or 3 of the last innings as the other guys here have much stronger arms and have been training all there lives for this. I’ve been proving myself I think lately and I hope thats going to change soon!

I pitched the last inning, Got 2 strikeouts and a popout to shallow field… A quick inning but I did my job well and my defence backed me up!

after pitching I went and ran foul poles, Did 2 back and fourth so I guess youd call that 4?

What I learnt: The coach tells me that my arm stops and than goes when it gets cocked (Like I mentioned earlier) Anyone have any tips for fixing this? Its almost like a habit for me I guess But I dont know how im supposed to fix it. Its like its not clicking in my head After throwing I did some light toss just to loosen out the arm and I kinda see what he meant, Any suggestions are great!

Loooking foreward to tomorrows practice (Its conditioning day) :slight_smile:

So this morning I did probably 1 hour of resistence band work. I Did as follows (I use the heavy silver thera-band)

Shoulder extension- 3 sets of 20 (3:20)
Shoulderinternal and externalrotation andexternal rotation at 90degrees- 3:20
Front raise- 3:20
Side resistant band pull-3:20
Scapular face pull-3:20

I did probably 2-4 more exercises with the band but I dont know what they’re called to be honest!

If I decide to do the light weights after training ill post it than .

Sounds like you’re well on your way. All the best to you.

If you’re looking for workout idea’s and nutritional advice the guy to talk to on here is lanky lefty.

Good luck trying to gain 15 pounds of MUSCLE in a MONTH, next to impossible if you ask me, especially without some “help” my first thought to reading that was it took Bonds 3-4 months to pack on 20 pounds of muscle on his frame and he had some “help” that we all knew wasn’t natural.

Again all the best to you and I look forward to following you along the way.

Hmm I havn’t really done alot of weights in my life but i’ve been doing them consistantly for probably 3-4 months now, I wasn’t sure what an achievable goal is so maybe I should start slow 5 pounds sounds better, And ya i’ll try to ask him some questions!

So today at practice it went fairly well, arm feels really good… Although its been acting funny lately… Its almost as if I’m getting a tickling feeling just below the inside of the elbow, Dont know if its anything or just soreness from this mornings resistance bands.

At practice we did a 2 lap warmup followed by 20-30 minutes of stretching and arm circle drills.

Scoutes were at the camp today so we didnt do much training They were looking at probably 5 or 6 of our guys so we went and caught some fly balls when the guys were hitting.

After the scouts left we went and did probably about 10 wind sprints, I’m getting faster for sure, today I raced one of my buddies who usually beats me every time and I beat him 4 out of 10 times, Not really impressive but It feels good knowing that my speed is finally improving after 2 and a half months.

Overall not to tiring of a practice but I was working on making my arm more fluent like my coach said, it should increase my velocity alot when I do. I’ll post how tomorrow goes (Probably wont do a resistance band work out tomorrow, im going to do light weights instead)

Its been 10 days since my last post! havnt had access to a computer recently unforchinetly, ill try and post more frequently! Today I was super tired from a long distance run last night! Had practice today and it went well, i pitch in a bull pen tomorrow. Results to follow

How’s your elbow?

My elbow is good now! No problems! My mechanics are getting better and im throwing harder! Again sorry for not being on! My mom just came to visit with me for 2 weeks and shes leaving tomorrow. Been spending all my time with her when im not at the stadium and when im not jogging/ doing resistence band and other arm work! Today at the camp im at there was a scout inviting 5 of our players to a mlb scout watching day thing in a town about an hour away! Only one pitcher was asked to go but hes been training at this camp for a year and is 19 years old. I have to be patient because my time will come eventually and until than i just need to focus and continue working my hardest!

Can you tell us more about this program? Who runs it? How did you find out about it? What do you do in your off time morning and evenings? What are the costs? What do you do about school?

Call me curious.

I’m rather curious as well especially since you mentioned your Mother is from Canada, so are you Canadian as well?

Why are you in the DR as opposed to going to a Baseball Academy in say Alberta or Quebec if you are Canadian?

Okay heres a brief history about me, I forgot to do it at the beggining of this log I guess!

So im 6 foot 6 and 215 lbs, I got into baseball because as a kid my mother told me all these storys about my dad and how good he was at baseball (I later found out that he was on his way to the big leagues when He suffered a rotator cuff injury, which put him out of the game forever) My mother is Canadian and my father is Dominican. The reason I came to Dominican to train is because its a known fact that Dominican has the best training in the world. Whether it be the training in the hot Dominican sun that helps the players or the offset methods of training styles here in the Dominican republic, one of those two things make a big difference. This camp that I go to is the same camp that my father went to when He was a teenager (Age about 18 or 19 and the man that trained my father is who trains me) That one of the reasons I chose to go here instead of one of the other camps here. They practice mechanics daily to ensure that we each have the lowest percent chance of risking injury.

As for education goes… Im currently not going to school. I only have my grade 12 left to do in high school but im doing it next year because the training and when people get signed down here is often fairly young (17-20) And if i waited another year to start my training it may have made it too late. Education can wait, But if i said no to this opportunity to train and I didnt go anywhere with baseball I would have always thought to my self… What if… What if i had of said yes to going to train?

The people who run this camp are guys who have good contacts and can push me and the other teenagers in this camp to do incredible things that I didnt think I would be able to do!

Hope that answers any questions about things!

As for the costs like you mentioned… this camp is free to go to, They look at you before the commit to letting you join however… when the time comes that you do get signed (Which is hard to get, so it may be as few as one kid out of a hundred that attend) it is worth it for them… The signing bonus is often anywhere from a hundreds of thosands to millions of dollars. And the men who train us would take 30% of however much we sign for and also do all the negotiating. Thats in a long time from where I stand though so I need to continue working my hardest! All thanks to god though is what I think!

Today I through a bullpen and did fairly well, arms feeling nice and loose and had good accuracy! Also did some long toss, and a bit of running… Today we were lucky and didnt have to work too hard. I guess that makes up for the hard week of training we had! Monday the coach is going to come to the gym with me to show me what weights I need to do!

So yesterday i went for a weight workout at the gym but my computer wasnt working so i couldnt post it!

Started with 5 minute jog to warm up

Followed by 15 minutes of stretching, and arm circle/arm exercise workout

Front raise with 5 lbs (3 sets of 15)
Side raise 5 lbs(3 sets of 15)
Side raise while chest is parralel to the ground (3 sets of 15)

Lat pull down in front of body 75 lbs (3 sets of 14)
Tri cep pushdown 25 or 30 lbs (3 sets of 14)

scapula pull- Its like rowing except with weight and using your arms to pull the cable to lift the weights towards you (3 sets of 12)

Followed by a few stretches and 5 minute jog cool down and a nice cold protein shake

Today im taking it easy (sunday) and getting ready for this weeks training and trying to think of a plan of which days to go to the gym depending on when I pitch

Thanks for filling us in!

Sounds like an excellent opportunity for you!

Ya its a great oppourtunity, The workload is brutal but I love every minute of it knowing that im doing one of the things I love most and getting closer every day to becoming a great player!

Had the stumach flu and wasnt able to go to practice today unforchinetly… Took some meds and hope itll be gone for tomorrows training! If not I guess ill do some weights and resistence band work in my house

went to practice yesterday, we had a game, i pitched an inning. It went okay, my accuracy was fairly good, the coaches said that the speed was there too, except they were hitting everything I put in the strikezone. My curve ball isnt too good yet since I just started learning it this month, so Im relying on my fastball 100% of the time. Although the first out was a popout, I could have gotten an easy 2 outs right after that except the shortstop missed two balls hit to him. No big deal, so I kept pitching and then somebody hit a ball into a double play to end the inning.

The coaches say I need to work on getting my arm speed quicker so im trying to do that except when I acually pitch I forget everything i’ve been practicing. Since im a 6 foot 6 giant ;p , when I pitch it looks so effortless so I know that I can get my arm alot quicker! anyhow, im going to keep working on it and i’ll post in a couple days with anything new.

Where’s your change?

Today did a short 25 pitch bullpen went fairly good although it was just me and the coach so we could work on the armspeed thing, He speaks english so it was easy to understand! Went out and ran 30 minutes straight which is quite a long time without walking, especially for a big 6 foot 6 guy like myself, Only to be told that im pitching in the game tomorrow, My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow haha! Oh well, no problems !