A.B Journal to improvement and success!

Im making this journal in order for me to look back and try and do better every single day, It will also help me to see where im lacking in my training. If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment but this is more of something so I know how i’ve improved. Anythings appreciated though!

Been training in Dominican for 2.5 months with a program in which they help to condition me and eventually get signed (My goal is between 1-2 years time to get signed) Until than… Im going to work my A** off each and every day!
I’ve recently lost 20 lbs in 4 months by doing alot of running and such (I was a little bit over weight) Now that I have the unneeded fat off Im going to start building muscle in order to increase my velocity and become a better athlete) I’ve been training for a long time but I’ve become serious about about a year ago when I started to do the Jobe excersices and resistence band in order to strengthen my rotator cuff and shoulders. Before I came to dominican republic I started taking a pitching class that was run by a former college player, I did that for 8 weeks in which he helped with my mechanics and the past two months they have been working my mechanics more while i’ve been here. One of the things i need to fix is to make my arm more fluent. I feel like I stop when my arms gets cocked!

My immediate goals are to:;
-Gain 15 pounds of muscle by October 18th 2012 (1 month as of today)
-Increase my 60 yard dash time from probably 7.7 (im very slow right now) to maybe 7 or 6.9 in 1month. Got to start somewhere right!!

September 18th 2012:
17 years old
6 foot 6; 200 pounds
84-86 mph fastball

(The program im in is from Monday - friday from 2P.M - 6 P.M)
Today we have a game in which i’m pitching, recently i’ve been doing fairly good, last week I threw 2 innings and got 5 strikeouts however on the friday of that week I threw another game in which I got hammered My mental side of things wern’t there so im hoping to improve that to day. Those things happen to all of us once in a while. Results of the game I will post tonight.