A 3rd pitch i should learn

Well, im 13 years old, and my fastball and change up are pretty much perfected, and im wondering if theres a 3rd pitch i can throw.

like a cutter , or something.

If your fastball and change-up are truly perfected, then you don’t need a 3rd pitch. Right?

Totally agreed. You can get away with a fastball and change-up at all levels of high school not just little league. If you can truely locate them whereever you want and have good placement you’ll be fine.

OK, if you say so.

but most of the pitchers in my league are throwing cutters, so i was just wondering.

I don’t know your age but since this is the Little League forum I’m assuming you’re fairly young. Throwing breaking pitches is questionable for young kids due to the stress they put on the arm. The cutter is not as hard on the arm as the curve or slider. However, it’s been my experience that kids who learn to throw the cutter end up unhappy with the small amount of break and evolve the pitch into a curve. And since they tend to do this on their own, there’s no guarantee they’ll learn to throw the curve the correct way.

If you want three pitches you may want to consider four-seam fastball, two-seam fastball and change-up. If you throw the two-seam with back spin you will get movement and a decrase is speed from your four-seam. Once you perfect it, you can get it to run in on a right handed hitter if you are a righty. The mechanics of the four seam, two seam and change up are the same. Honestly, you should do fine with a good fastball and change-up. I find that many kids your age who say the have a pitch can rarely throw it effectively. We faced a player from an opposing team last year who always bragged about his “killer” curve ball. Problem was he usually ended up beaning the batter (my son was a victim !) when he tried to throw it.

A cutter can be an extremely effective pitch but you don’t need at your age to be able to pitch well. Focus on being able to master the location on your four-seam. This will inevitably lead to you being ahead in the count early. That is when pitching is fun. The pressure is on the batter and not you !

the splitter is a great pitch to learn. and learn a breaking pitch. its time to start learning how. so you know how to when your fourteen