A 14 year old Pitcher's logs

Today was the first time I pitched against other League Batters since 2002. Of course, I’ve been pitching constantly over the years, not just in league games. Usually it would be in street-organized games(in a large school yard), but this was the first time since 2002 in a situation where i was facing guys from a league, not just wannabe hitters from the street.

I usually dominated every batter I played against in street baseball. I got a lot of k’s, just using a normal four seam fast ball. Nothing special, just a straight fastball, and everytime i felt like working on my stuff i would occasionally mix in my splitter or slider(which I’ve stopped throwing because I heard I’m throwing it at a premature age).

So yeah. Well, this was just a batting practice session(pitching session for me, I guess) against my own teammates. I stuck to what I did in street baseball. Everyone hit it like it was a straight, slow pitch.

Whenever they hit the ball, it was a four/two seam FB. Usually it was around the middle. Although I got them to hit them into a couple of routine plays, i wasn’t satisfied, being used to getting either k’s or plenty of ground outs.

I feel an incredible itch in my mind. This was the first time my coach saw me pitch (to hitters) and I wasn’t good. I don’t think he thinks i’m as good as i really am.

At the end of my pitching session, I sensed that the hitters weren’t phased by my fastball, so I started throwing off-speed stuff from then on. Unfortunately practice ended only after I pitched that off-speed stuff 3 times.

I threw a splitter in a 0-0 count, which got a guy to swing at, to no success from him. It had great sink to it right there. So I decided to throw it again, resulting in a foul chopped about 3 feet to right oh home plate. Note these two pitches were down in the dirt. So I tried my luck and threw it again. To my fustration i ended up throwing it high, so the guy hits it hard.

After the practice, the assistant coach gave me a talk. He let me know, if i was throwing straight fastballs down the middle, of course people were going to hit it. He told me to use more of my off-speed pitches. He taught me how he gripped and threw his curveball(which I already knew how to throw).

Makes me wonder, how often should I be throwing straight fastballs in a real game?
My two seam was probably barely breaking, because it was getting rocked too.

I’m glad this was just practice, if it were a game, I would be much more fustrated. Should be a learning experience for me.

My Pitches used in practice:
Four Seam FB(about 60% of my pitches)
Two Seam FB(about another 30%)
Splitter(used 3 times)
Curve(used once)

All my pitches:
Fourseam FB
Two seam FB
Cut FB
Splitter/Splitter Change up

Just practice painting the corners, start moving it low, or outside, or inside you know, it will take a while.

Finally, I get my first pitching appearance tomorrow, a little over a month later after the season begun… a little late for my liking, but still, I’m gonna get a start tomorrow. :slight_smile: I’m resting up today, and i’m hoping I can put up better numbers than the other pitchers on my team…

One pitcher, around 5’7, 140 lbs, is 1-2 with the only team win, high ERA(even with a lot of unearned runs too).
The other is 0-1, with a high ERA too. He’s 5’9 155 lbs(buff weight, really brawlic guy…)
Then the other is 5’8, 140. High ERA. 0-1.

There’s the last one who quit cause the team kept losing … He’s 0-3 with a really High ERA too. So yeah, the team right now combined is 1-7, with a high ERA, the average opponent will score 7 earned runs on us, and another 7 unearned. Our fielding can be horrible. I’ll be the tallest pitcher on the rotation yet, at 5’10, but kinda slim at 135lbs.

Last game, our fielding and hitting sort of clicked, hitting was much better, we scored a season high 10 runs, and on the field there were only about 2-4 errors. I’m hoping I get his kind of support tommorow. :slight_smile: Hopefully I can get the record at 2-7 haha.

To prepare, i’m taking a stroll around the forums and the website, trying to remind myself about the things-to-do on the mound.

P.S. I already know how i’m gonna likely approach the first hitter – seeing as how the leadoff hitter is a must out for me. I’ll see if I can get the hitter to chase 2 splitters. If he hits it, it’ll likely be a soft grounder. If I get 2 strikes, I’ll throw some cut heat for a strike . If I’m behind, I’ll throw a curveball/fastball/cutter for a strike.