9yr olds starts the journey.HELP!

Started this to help my son improve through the years. Have been studying on here for a few months now and has helped us. I do not have a pitching back ground. New copy of Tuff Cuff Jr. is already been ordered. He just turned 9. Played 8u machine pitch. 10 game fall ball season 9u kid pitch. 9u full season next spring. Pitch 10 innings in fall. Current work out is 3 days long toss. 3 days strength (i.e. Medicine ball. Pull ups, push ups, squats-keeping it simple. He loves all of it. Velocity is a little above average-just good. Control is real good. Appreciate any and all advice. Please go slow and simple.

I gif it and resized it. Learning expierence !

That clip is as good as it gets. It stays the same with varying erratic moves. He pretty much developed that on his own though. That his first video. From reading various post I can see 4 things I’m going to start with. 1 his foot should be landing more in a straight line. 2. Equal/opposite elbow forearms on foot strike. 3. Then glove to fixed position. 4. Head steady.

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One of the other 4.

The 4 areas of improvement you mentioned are valid. However, don’t try to work on them all at once. Instead, work on one thing at a time - especially with young kids.

Also, always work on the thing that happens earliest in the delivery as that will not only affect things that happen later in the delivery, it can actually FIX things later in the delivery.

That said, your video starts too late for me to get a good look at starting feet position and starting posture which can affect the entire delivery and which would be the first things I’d want to look at. Aside from that, I’d look at getting him to stabilize posture (eliminate unnecessary head movement) throughout his delivery followed by getting him to lead with his front hip instead of his front foot (look up Hershiser drill) which will likely clean up his front foot landing position a bit.

Thank you very much. You are very right about to many things at once. We will focus on stance and head stabilization next couple of sessions. The hershiser drill looks great. In 2 weeks will post a new video. I need recommendation for good format. Figuring it out though. Using iPad. He has improved on a couple things already for sure. Thanks again

I suggest finding a pitching coach, or respected youth coach, and schedule a series of pitching lessons. Learning and reinforcing the basics at this age will set your son up for success for years to come. If your son has a decent arm, he will be pitching frequently in youth baseball. Start him off with solid technique that he can build from.

Thanks jchap. Advice taken. Once a week starting February. that should compliment the work we do on our own. I will post another vid after that first lesson. Looking for some more feed back in the future. Seems like your just ahead of us by a couple years. Thanks again.

He pitches with his arms only. He also bats with his arms only. Since he is strong he’s been able to get by. We got to have some upper and lower body separation by spring. Goal 1#!

This is VERY common with kids his age. It’s important that you not expect him to change these patterns quickly. My son was very similar and at the age of 13, he’s finally beginning to grasp how to make his body work more effectively. I would say it’s easier to teach separation in hitting than it is in fielding.

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Little more than a couple weeks now. Many great work outs and lots of fun. He actually just read tuff cuff jr first 20 pages. That helped him Understand the drills. The boring stuff. Lots of work on equal opposite and I think he got it. His foot still goes to first side to much. Head and shoulder tilting that way also. This was at lesson intro start up. Instructor did get him a higher leg kick . IH ( my son) said that helped him a lot. Where doing this to get better so let the opinions fly please. We will be with instructor next 8 weeks . Plus working with everyone on here. Our goal is good strong healthy mechanics working towards separation and sequence. Thank everyone.

Progress being made! Keep updating this thread, it will be fun to follow along.

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Thanks jchap. Progressing at little baby steps. Love the encouragement and any advice. Emphasizing any advice. Thank you.

He catapults the ball. But before that…

First – Good stuff

Takes front hip toward catcher before hand sep. YA!!!

BUT… then… welll… here is a few thing I can see.

I am not an advocate of the amount of rear knee bend he is doing. You do need to bend the rear leg, but his seems way too deep.

At 18s in the video you will see that his throwing hand is above his shoulder and head before foot plant. Way before foot plant. Planting the front foot is the mechanism for transfer of body energy into hips/core and moving arm from elbow to wrist into a position above the shoulder and for hip rotation to begin. He is way too early.

You will also see his glove high position. We would really like to think of the front arm, from shoulder to elbow as the barrel of a gun with a “sight” mounted on it. Because of this glove high position, he is pulling down. All of our movement either needs to be forward/back in the direction of the catcher/pitcher line or rotational around in a vertical above that line.

Our bodies want to counter balance us. If we swing one arm up, the other wants to come down and visa-versa. We want all of our momentum during pitching to be directed towards the catcher, not up and down.

Probably because of this countering effect his body is doing, his throwing arm goes straight up after initial arm bent position and forward motion in a catapult motion. If you do stop frame by frame starting at the 18s point through release of ball you will see the arm action I speak of. The arm should be bent throughout the shoulder rotation until starting to release the ball as we then want extension and snap as we bring our chest point at the catcher.

Look at Samardzija in slow motion. Watch at the 18s point in that video of his foot plant and where his throwing hand still is. Slightly below the shoulder moving upward. Look at front side (the direction side) and his shoulder to elbow height.

Look at Storen in slow motion. At 21s in this video is just as he is planting his front foot. Throwing hand still below shoulder moving upward. Storen has a high front side arm, but even he is close to horizontal.

Look at Daniel Bard @ youtube (watch?v=0-vOceb1Cho) and go to the 2:00 min mark just before foot plant.

You son is pulling his front side down and not driving his chest forward. If your front shoulder (direction) is going down, what does your rear should (power) have to be doing? Going up.

Tough to see all that is occurring from a video, but I hope this helps a bit.

Best to you and your son

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Ok. Took a little to absorb all that. Someone else was trying to explain this 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t grasp it. I get it now. The video really helps . All of it. Our goal is to get this done in 8 weeks. I’ll post something in four week hopefully with progress. Good news is we have some help. Thanks for taking the time to help dsteg and everyone else.

You are most welcome. But I have to ask ---- 8 weeks? Not sure why the rush.

This will take months and months of work and that turns into years and years of work. Don’t worry about getting him to any point in “8 weeks.” Slow continual progression is the goal! No one will start looking at him until he gets into HS and that is YEARS away. Don’t worry about some 9u All-Star thing either! There aren’t enough fingers and toes on our entire HS staff to count the number of kids that were on some “All-Star” team at 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 that didn’t make the varsity team in HS. Bodies grow at different rates for young ones. The kid that throws it past everyone at 10u may never get more than 75 mph on his fastball while in HS and that will NOT get you on a varsity team, at least not here in SoCal!

Here is my son just after turning 10 years old. He has been pitching since 8. He works with me (I coach at the HS level and down through youth) on a daily basis and I had him with a pitching coach (x mlb player I know) for a year. He still has a ways to go (oh the things I see in this video). The reason I posted the video was to show you that you should have NO “time line” like 8 weeks.

Your time line should be to have him enjoy the game and want to play. It should be for him to get better every year in order for HIM to WANT to play in High School and beyond. Don’t worry about some youth tourney ring or trophy or getting selected to some youth All Star team; they look nice on the shelf right now, but frankly they are meaningless. Just concentrate on him having fun for the next 8 weeks and then the next 8 weeks after that until those 8 weeks turn into 6 years and then more!

I don’t have a problem with the rear knee bend, the problem I see is that it’s never converted to forward momentum.

I’m with you on the fun thing. Most of the kids I’ve seen love playing baseball. 6-9 age. From what you said and what I’ve heard it might change in the 10-13 age group. Probably gets tougher. It would be pretty hard to make the junior high team here. We won’t be making any all star team soon but where ok with that. He is on a really good team with a great coaching staff. The team is loaded with many kids that can pitch very well. I don’t picture a overuse scene rio. feel good about that. We got 7-8 weeks with instructor booked. Where going to focus on timing from hand separation to foot strike. Getting it down below shoulder. Someone said more upside down w or m. Less of a T. To the equal opposite. With good straight leg stride. We will use towel strike drill to rep it. The up down and the catapult got to go. Its to much arm throwing. I think it will relieve some arm stress and create some ease in his throw. You made some valid points with some good video example . if he gets 50 percent it be a healthy improvement. I appreciate you taken the time to help. Thank you again.

We will decide the amount of knee bend a little later. Get the timing adjusted first . Eliminate the up down. It will be a set amount of bend then drive off rubber to target. Let’s see how much bend he has after we make the first adjustments. I’ll post a video in four weeks. That momentum could be a quick improvement. Thanks

Been working with a pitching instructors do think we’re making progress.