9yo with leukemia

Our son back on the mound after being diagnosed in Dec 2008.

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How wonderful to see your son out on the mound like that. He seems like quite the competitor.

It’s tough to tell but his glove might be a bit big and heavy. If you watch what his glove arm does during his delivery you’ll see that it drops and swings out to the side. This will be a source of inconsistency.

If you watch the pros, you’ll see that while they don’t all do things exactly the same, they do control the glove instead of letting the glove control them. The idea is to extend the glove out front in a position where the glove elbow is bent about the same as the throwing elbow. (If it’s not, adjust the glove side - not the throwing side.) Once the glove is out there, keep it there while the body moves towards it. (It can turn over as the shoulders rotate.)


I really like this kid. I noticed the same as Roger did about the glove side. So, good advice there from Roger, as usual. I’d like to see him get more momentum toward the plate, as it appears that he strides to the right side of the target line (although it could be the camera angle making it look that way). Check out that first throw to first base after the hit. Great poise and a good step toward the bag. Take that motion to the mound for the pitch.


Thanks for the reply. We have since worked on his glove arm. He is using an outfielder’s glove. It’s not as heavy as it looks.

I will try to post a more recent video.

Latest outing.

The glove looks much better. But keep working on it as old habits creap back in whenever they can.