9u video analysis of pitching


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This youngster show great promise and very strong athletic management. Now here’s where the fun part starts - let him play as much baseball as he can reasonably handle… just for the fun of it. He’ll come along nicely because he’s having a good time. His natural athletic ability coupled with his form as I see it now will slowly develop into a solid player at this position.

I hesitate tp suggest… do this… do that, because at nine(9) years old, he’s going to develop, mature, grow and progress at different rates as he gets older. So, what works now will change as he gest older, puberty sets in, and his hormones kick in.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy his progress. He has all the makings of going a long way in this game.


I think 4 seamers up in the zone and 2 seamers down in the zone in general. Will I try to nail a 4 seamer down and away when I’m ahead? Sure. I try not to establish discernable patterns with pitch selection by count. For example a normal choice for me 1-0 will be a 2 seamer. Of course I can throw just about anything in this count, but 2 seamers seem to not hurt me. If the batter is swinging, the ball is moving down and I have a good chance of ground ball. I’m not usually thinking swing and miss on 1-0. I’m thinking to get weak contact or a take to even the count. All I’m saying is don’t limit yourself to either or on the fastball.


Thanks coaches! He loves baseball and has had a lot of excellent coaching. He actually takes the fall totally off to play soccer and not think much about baseball. It’s hard to know how much to let him play as I hear so much about overuse injuries and such.