I saw a kid hit 60 mph last night at the local baseball academy. How far out of the ordinary is that? He lived at 58 mph, touched 59 mph a good bit, and then hit 60 mph twice I think. Feedback is all.


My youngest son threw 60 at 9u and we didn’t see many other kids throwing that hard, if any. He threw a complete game no hitter with 9 k’s and no walks in a tourney championship at the 9u majors level with only a fastball, lol. He got an invite to play with our parent club’s “Elite” team at the PG 9U Super 25. He just turned 12 this month and is right around 70 now.

With all of that said, I don’t think it means a whole lot in terms of the future velocity. My older boy threw 64 a month after his 13th birthday and is sitting 80 at 14.5 years old now. At 9 he was an average rec ball pitcher at best.

Until they hit puberty it’s anyone’s guess. The problem with the early bloomers is that you have to set hard limits so they don’t get used too much.


Great info. I appreciate the feedback. I am hearing a lot about how all bets are off until puberty.